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  • Never had the pleasure of riding one but they look damn fine imo.


    P7's are great, plenty of threads on here singing their praises.

    I've just bought one. Damned fine bike in my less than expert opinion. Probably a better bike than I am a rider! I've stuck a pair of Revs on it and it rides very nicely indeed. Climbs like stink. If you're anywhere near NW and need a large maybe you could have a spin.

    '97 One here. Love it.


    Yep, my 99 is more than I've ever needed, it still looks nearly new, under the dirt.

    I appreciate the new ones are not really the same bike, gerometry wise, but if the build quality is as good as my old Oranges, it's a remarkably solid bike.


    Was thinking of getting a steel hardtail and i want to know if the p7 is any good, got an 07 stumpy at the minute and i really like it but i'm sick of changing pivot bearings and servicing shocks, want a simpler life

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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