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  • Orange P7 2016 or newer sizing?
  • braidfinger

    I am interested in buying a P7 but unsure of sizing (med or large) – i am 5’10” I would appreciate any advice from owners of 16 / 17 models or anyone that has demo’d one.


    Hey BF…
    I’ve a 2016,I’m 5 10″ with 32″ inside leg,on the size chart I was boardering med/large,i decided on the large as I like to be a little stretched,I went for a 40mm stem and it fits a treat,wouldn’t want any shorter but still wouldn’t want any longer either,dual air revs 120/150 upfront feels spot.
    Get yourself a demo if any doubts,its a very capable bike.

    Premier Icon aidanoggy

    I’m 5’10 and sounds like I size about the same as you. I bought a medium , which fits great, didnt try a large but judging by the size of the medium it would be too big. Best try one for size , but I’d say a medium. Absolutely superb bike btw, really really happy with it


    Thanks for both responding and offering your thoughts. I’ve been crunching the numbers on the geometries all day. I have sat on a large – which was “roomy” in the cockpit but with it’s wheelbase, felt like a lot of bike and i was stretched out. My riding style is pretty aggresive and i like throwing a bike around. Unfortunatly due to location i cannot demo or locate a medium within a couple of hours drive so any feedback before i make the purchase would be appreciated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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