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  • Weight, strength, price, tubesets, finish are all objective.

    But it’s the ride that matters and that’s not measurable. Objectivity? Lolza.

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    HeathenWoods – Member
    “As in most instances, subjectivity is where it’s at when it comes to choosing the best frame. “

    Almost exactly what I’m saying! Except that I wouldn’t say “best”, I’d say “best for you”.

    I’m obviously not explaining myself well here though, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a P7 at all- I’m just saying that on a cost basis they’re not good value. And I’m not saying “Buy a Soul, they’re better”, but it’s a nice price comparison, as are Genesis Altitudes.

    There’s no such thing as better or worse here, since as I say that’s a subjective decision, but there is such a thing as better or worse value for money, and the things that make people love the P7 don’t add to the price.

    Objective/subjective – so what? All the above leads to one conclusion: you need to try em and decide which you prefer.
    For what it’s worth I prefer my P7 One. Biased you say? No, cos there is a Soul in the garage too.


    prefer mi blue pig so ner… 🙂


    ive had 3 p7 s,one great rigid one,one mediocre and a great 2007 one…..all of em nicked!
    i fancied a change a this time got a soul build for around £1200,and was ready to compare and contrast and was surprised how different they were and was initially alarmed at how springier the soul felt as the p7 seemed to soak every bump up,however,after a few rides my conclusion was the soul is more alive,responsive,exciting and easier uphill…..every bit of energy is rewarded,mind you i felt that with the p7 too.i think with the spec ive got on the soul im getting better value for money but try loads and see what suites.

    Premier Icon mwleeds

    Again, I’d disagree. I found the PA okay but would choose the P7 over it anytime. Up, down, round and round, the P7 is a better frame for me.

    I stand corrected. The P7 which I snapped was an 06, the first year they had the sliding dropouts and had orange as a colour option. It really did have rubbish geometry though 🙂 heathenwoods, just out of interest why is your P7 better than your PA?


    So, in summary, I think it’s fair to say it’s a damn goodd bike if you don’t mind the cost and static weight.

    Is that reasonable?

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    6’5″ too, 19″ p7 not sure of age

    I’d agree with the car park lifting test feeling heavy, but once you’re on the bike it feels great. Getting a p7 for me was about getting a long travel hardtail I could give some stick too as well as use as a commute bike, it ticks all those boxes, my previous hardtail was an 853 rock lobster which was a wonderfull ride, it was the bikes ability to deal with silly stuff that made me change and I don’t regret for a second.
    I’d narrowed my choices down to decade, cotic soul/bfe or p7 found a p7 second hand at a great price and no regrets

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    I know of a 17″ 2010 Pro, with an Alfine, for sale for about £1k if anyone’s interested.

    theyres a few deals around at the moment! 😉

    I get no signal on mine.

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    Not really. Weight, strength, price, tubesets, finish are all objective. Handling and feel are subjective as are looks and arguably heritage.

    So it can’t be objectively better then! It can be lighter, or more expensive, but better is an overall value judgement that has to be subjective.

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    Mine is so good I sold my full suss!
    it is a beast.

    Mine is so good I sold my full suss!

    Or you ride tame trails that dont require a full suspension bike at all, you’d just been riding one unnecessarily because the MTB mags had told you to.

    Premier Icon senor j

    chuckle.I am super tame.
    It’s true I have been riding darn sarf alot.
    I did come to the conclusion that the sub5 was a bit much for surrey/chilterns etc.
    But the p7 is just a not much slower when I’m home in the lakes.
    on tame trails.

    I don’t read mtb mags.

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