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    I got some feedback from Orange on whether the chainstays on the 140mm Five29 really were as short as on the 110mm Gyro. Basically the answer is yes:

    “By manufacturing our ‘forward seat tube’ and using an e-type front derailleur, we managed to get the swingarm of the Five 29 down to the Gyro length. Even though it’s got 140mm travel”.

    There is also a lot of stuff in the marketing for the Five29 about lighter shock mounts, head tubes etc. Orange don’t release frame weight, but as they stand I wonder if the Five29 frame really is much heavier than the Gyro. Maybe a pound at most?

    If you are looking to buy a frameset (always the best way to buy an Orange I reckon) and build it up yourself it does look harder to justify going for the Gyro frame over the Five29. The latter has more travel, will take more abuse but is probably not much heavier and has the same length chainstays. The main difference is at the front I guess: 120/69 vs 140/67.

    Of course what matters is how they ride. So far I haven’t heard of anybody who has ridden them both and preferred the Gyro, but then again there are very few people who have ridden them both. I was speaking with somebody who has sent back a Gyro frame (because the rear tyre was rubbing the frame at full travel) and swapped it for a Five29 frame, but he’s not had a chance to ride it yet.


    I’m not sure I agree with roverpig.
    Surely the 30mm at the back end will make the ride feel different between the two bikes.

    I ride a Gyro and a Horsethief only 10mm travel difference; yet they feel vastly different on the trail (to be fair the Fox 32 v Fox 34 140 also make a difference).
    The ride of the Gyro feels firm and similar to my previous SC S/Light.
    The ride of the H/Thief feels more like an Orange 5 for example.

    They are in my opinion different bikes for different applications; one will do almost what the other will; but one will be more suited.

    However I would love a go on a Orange 5 29.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Fair point. I certainly felt that the ride on the Gyro was pretty firm too although I was putting that more down to the shock tune than the travel. Descend mode on the Evolution CTD shock seemed too soft, but Trail was pretty firm and I would have liked something in between (which would hopefully be provided by an upgrade to the Factory shock with “trail adjust”). But you could be right, it could just be a feature of the shorter travel.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    OK, I guess somebody doesn’t like the Five29!

    Three Week Old Five29 for Swap

    I personally think it was a mistake naming the Five29 after the Five

    because the Five is such a linchpin of their business that they want some of the fairy dust to rub off onto other bikes in the range.

    So many of their sales are of Fives theyre worried the bubble will burst and when the 26″ Five is no longer loved their market will collapse. The ST4 proved they could waste a lot of time and money developing the sort of bike people “should” be riding and not have it sell and the same could happen with the Gyro. A safer bet to update their mainstay to embrace 29″ than confuse or deter buyers with a new model name with no reputation or ‘traction’?


    You mean as Spesh announce their 29er Enduro? Love it or hate it but the Enduro is normally a significant barometer of the market…

    Worth considering carbon versions will be a couple of pounds lighter than a 529 frame. Nothing against Orange BTW.

    Premier Icon beargotsoul

    So has anyone ridden both or own a 529?

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