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  • backtothetop

    Ive got a 2012 frame on the way complete with rp23.

    What shocks/forks are you using on yours and what would you have if you could?

    Im building this for use in the megavalanche and would prefer coil to air.

    Im currently thinking dhx rc4 shock and fox van forks.

    Premier Icon igm

    Fox 36 Talas – wanted float but couldn’t find any exactly when I wanted them
    Standard RP23
    Lots of Hope.
    3×10 XT – but I’d go. 1×10/11 these days.
    Stan’s Flow on Hope
    Bontrager FR4 front, FR3 rear tubeless

    I wanted a light build but still strong. If you’re going coil, your choices are good, but I’d keep the RP23 for running in this country.


    I have a set of crossmax sx’s which will be going on this and looking in having a 2014 dhx rc4 i have on the bike this is replacing adjusted to fit this one, but not sure it will be cost effective, hence the reason im looking at different ideas.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Similar used the Standard RP23 from an Alpine on my Heckler for the Mega, worked flawlessly for the week. Never bothered going back to the DHX5 that was in the garage.


    2014 pikes are the only choice, pee allover fox,got a brand new pair for sale if your intrested .[white]


    I’m rebuilding my 160mm FS for the Alps (I pillaged it to build up a DH frame 2 yrs ago).

    Most of the other guys I’m riding with are on Alpines; they’ve moved up to coil shocks but kept air forks. I think the RP23 is not sufficient for the Alpine in an Alpine environment. I’d at least want a Monarch plus/DHX or CCDB air. They also seem to be migrating to 1 x 10 / clutch mechs & ditching chain devices.

    For my build I’m going with;

    Mavic EN821s with hope hubs (replace EN823s)
    1 x 10 NW
    Zee FR clutch mech
    Hope chain guard
    replacement saint callipers
    Lyrik U-turn coils (converted from 2 step air)
    keeping the RP23 oversized air can

    I’m trying to lighten it up as its going to get pedalled up as well as down.


    Ive got an alpine that when i bought it was 34lbs. CCDBC and heav tyres etc.

    Ive managed to get it below 30lbs with some careful choices.

    Heres the spec, still very very good downhill yet pretty good uphill.

    Fox 34 CTD 2014
    FOX RP23 Boost Valve
    XT/XTR 1×10
    Haven Stem
    Hope Race Evo M4 brakes with 203/180 rotors
    Enve DH Carbon Bars
    Flows on PRO 2 Evo’s
    Rubber Queen front, ground control rear running tubeless.

    Doesn’t look half bad either.


    I have Marz 55 rc3 and rp23. I’ve had vans, floats and for me the stanchions are just too much hassle. I’ve also had a CCDB which was ace going down but too much weight for all day riding. Mate has a CCDBA and I have to say that’s my next purchase!

    I run 1×10 X0 gearing, renthals, hope tech m4, reverb, hope pro evo – flow EX. Minion/high roller tyres.

    Hope that helps in some way!


    pbooker1995 – is that Jamesy from the Dudes’ old bike? Nice setup there 🙂


    Love my Alpine, it’s a 2009 front end (2012 rear end), here’s my spec:
    Alpine 160 2009, 16″
    CCDB air cs
    Bos Devilles
    Crossmax enduro wheels (currently conti baron front, maxxis exo 2.25 beaver rear)
    Havoc carbon 750 bars
    Raceface half nelson grips
    Haven 55mm stem
    Xtr trail brakes with 180mm ice tech rotors
    Xo 170mm crank arms with direct mount spiderless works nw 32t chainring
    Hope bb with gxp adaptor
    Xt 11-36 cassette
    SRAM chain
    Saint shifter
    Zee mech
    X fusion hilo dropper
    Selle italia troy lee saddle (flite I think)
    Chromag seatclamp
    Crank bros mallet dh clips or vaults for flats
    Mrp Amg carbon top guide/taco
    Carbon rockguardz mudguard

    I think that’s everything! Weighs just over 31lbs and rides amazingly.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    pikes for sure
    780m bars
    tiny stem
    flows on pro2s
    slx cranks
    32t narrow wide
    11-36 casette + any clutch mech
    mrp mini chainguide
    hope race evo m4s


    Alpine 2012 18 inch

    Pikes solo air
    Crossmax enduro wheels with Schwalble 2.4 nobblynics 2.25 nobblynics
    Renthal fatbar carbon
    Renthal duo stem
    Hope brakes tech 2 x2
    Sdg I beam post sdg Ifly saddle
    Middleburn cranks 1 x 10 setup 11-36 cassette 32 front ring with hope top chain guide
    Shimano xt medium cage shadow plus.
    29.2 llbs



    Unfortunately not, its actually Gary Forrest’s Old bike before he moved to Ibis.


    Aha gotcha – almost identical setup to Jamesy’s one he sold, which was a bloody nice bike.


    Here’s mine
    2010 Alp – RP23 rear push tuned, also have a DHX3 for the alps
    VAN 36 front
    Easton bars, thomson stem, HiLo dropper
    1 x 10 gearing
    Weighs 31 pounds
    UK Spec:

    Alps spec:


    pbooker1995 I really like that


    OP – used my alpine for the mega, it was great for the job but I went with a too heavy build with fox van 180s and hope tech v brakes, ccdb coil. It was the wrong side of 35 lbs. Was good for qualifying but was too heavy for the main race with the climbs.

    I would recommend pikes or float forks with a ccdb air, 1 x 10 and the crossmax sx wheels you have mentioned you have. Then you can still use it for longer rides back home.


    Nothing to do with what shock/fork etc but a cable/hose management tip:

    Wrap some insulation tape or similar round the rear mech outer to stop it sliding forward through the p-clip when the shock compresses.

    To stop the mech outer and brake hose splaying out when the shock compresses I use a piece of tube ~2″ long – I cut up an old pen – and 1 zip tie. Under the shock, put rear mech outer at 1 end of tube, rear brake hose at the other and feed the zip-tie round, through, round and back through.

    Enjoy the Alpine


    diplomatt, could you ad a photo of that mod youve described please?


    Whoa, just come back to this, good info people, im going to spend the next week searching for the right components and hope to have it rolling by the end of the month. im surprised how light some of you have got them too. now looking at pikes for the first time


    @fullofit message me please ref pikes,


    CCDB coil (with Ti spring bought used here for much reasonableness)
    Marz 55RC3Ti
    M800 Saint cranks, bashguard and Stinger chain device, 2×9.
    XT everything else (203mm rotors).
    Saint pedals
    Pro 2 hubs on Sun EQ31 rims (flat spotted both DT5.1s and these were cheap as chips @CRC).
    Easton Haven bar and stem.
    Dropper post (GD as mine is an older model with 27.2 tube).

    cant post pics at mo.


    Mine is a 2011 31plb
    lyrik rc2dh solo air
    easton havoc 50mm stem
    raceface sixc bars
    new saint brake levers with xt calipers.
    xtr rear mech ,xt11/36 cassette , xtr chain , rf narrowwide 32t.
    truvativ decendant 165mm cranks
    hope f20 pedals.
    reverb – wtb silverado thinline seat.
    crossmax st -ust 2.2 rubber queens
    ice tech 160 rotors

    “Top Station” descent in Kerala, India on my 40th, sporting Lyriks at the time and 2 hours of that responsible for one of the rim flat-spots


    RP23 Boost Valve is fine for the Alps, or mine was anyway. Never bothered putting my CCDB back on – couldn’t justify the weight for arguable/negligible performance benefits. You could ditch the dropper too – big climbs and big descents means it’s not as necessary as on undulating trails.


    Pikes up front, but if you realy want coil forks, CRC are doing Mar RC3ti’s about half price 😉

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