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  • Premier Icon Popocatapetl

    Orange have today announced in an article in the "Daily Mail" that they are to re-call all models of the Orange 5 due to them being more "Ting than bling". The annoying "ting" will be rectified by filling the frames with expanding foam. An Orange spokesperson has said that they will be setting up trail side rectification centres with experts trained to fill the correct orifices. A spokesperson for the STW massive said "Thank god for that, those bloody Orange fives annoy the S**t out of me with their tingy frames and loud OEM freewheels" 😆

    Good if it annoys you then thats one good reason for leaving it as it is


    I saw the thread title and thought i'd be without a bike for a while 😆

    Mine doesn't sound "tingy" on descents. My freehub is nice and loud though, good really as people can always here me coming!

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Tinging Oranges don't bother me.

    Those **** creaking Marins do though.

    Runs away and hides.


    If you rode fast enough then you wouldn't hear the hope hubs or 'tinging' echoing swingarms 😉

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Yup, that's right jackal, as long as you exceed 330m/s :mrgreen: Not bothered by the "ting" but so many of them have hope hubs in and the swingarm seems to contain speakers or something, it just takes a horrible noise and makes it worse.


    My Marin creaks.
    Not as annoying as a disc wheel on a TT bike though, constantly sounds there's someone else right behind me.


    i miss the noise of my 5

    in fact its the only thing i do miss about the the damb thing

    Leave some space so they can get past you, the problem will soon leave you behind. 😉


    andrewH – disk wheels + 1

    sounds like a fighter jet on afterburn when one of the 19 min 10mi boys comes winging past you !

    Got two fives and I love em both. Both have noisy Hope freehubs and I love those too. In fact I love just about everything that qualifies to have a Union Jack on it, apart from Austin Ambassadors 😀
    LOL @ Cupidstunt – I find my "noisy" bikes soon disappear out of earshot on the descents 😆


    this sounds like a friday thread!!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i got told off by my riding buddy for "making him nervous" when behind him on descents with my proII hub, i said it was good training for him to try and stay infront


    I've had hope hubs for the last 13 years, nuff said!!

    my Marin doesn't creak

    my Orange sounds like 13 stories of scaffolding crashing onto a stockpile of biscuit tins though


    I wrapped a sliced innertube around each swing arm and its quite as a mouse now – justy doesn't look quite as nice though 🙂


    Only thing that makes a noise on the five is chain slap. Just stick a lizard skin or similar on the swing arm.
    Quite reassuring that "noise" is the only thing people can pick fault with! 😀

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    I like the noise my Pro II freehub makes on my 5. Well I do unless I want to talk to anyone I'm riding with. 🙂

    My 5's aren't noisy but then again i did build them with TLC

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