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  • Can anybody suggest any mudguards for an Orange 5, that work and dont look stupid.

    Premier Icon Lummox

    Neoguard on the front, downtube is only a smidge narrower than a crud guard so I don’t bother, for the rear I use waterproof shorts, this setup is top ( for me)


    I use crudguards front and rear. I HATE having gritty water sprayed up my back (which then runs down the crack of my ar&e) and I know that the downtube is wide, but I reckon that every stone that hits the crud guard is a stone not hitting my frame. I think they look ok (but that’s my opinion).

    Crudguard on the front, whis is a fair bit wider than the frame actually, & a wetarse guard on the back. Or a Race Guard which looks daft but who cares cos I can’t see it but it works.


    couple of halfords mudguards should do fine, so stop it looking stupid, you should change the bike.


    Cheers for the advice. Was looking at a Neoguard but was’nt sure they would work and a flipper on the back.

    Premier Icon SimonR

    Neoguard, front Crudguard and a pair of waterproof shorts for me. Lost count of the number of rear guards I’ve broken so given up with them.

    (LOL @ cheez0 🙂 )

    Premier Icon cardo

    Muckynutz bender fender for the front works really well and keeps the forks seals clean…can’t recommend one of these enough!!! when it’s really bad for the rear end I use a Top peak guard fitted to the seatpost…


    Neoguards, innertubes and Fender Benders are all good for keeping mud out of your eyes, but if you’re wanting to (attempt to) keep yourself clean then you’ll want something mounted on the downtube too


    +1 for Fender Bender. I went for the slightly stronger 2.1. Works flawlessly. Nothing to the rear, doesn’t bother me and looks awful IMO, whatever your bike.


    Front & rear Cruds & home made Neo guard out of a knackered BBS overshoe. I can’t see the sense in riding with a cold wet ar5se covered in mud, wearing away at my shorts and saddle, not to mention the extra weight in water/mud that I would end up carrying around stuck to my clothes 🙄

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Front crudcatcher is almost completely useless by itself. Bender Fender does the job that the crudcatcher fails to do, but for best results get something like a Shockboard- no more ugly than a Crudcatcher, and immensely more effective. Neoguard is another way to do it, but uglier than the Bender Fender and does a good job of directing mud onto your fork legs and seals.

    Rear guards are tricky on the back. IMO the Neoguard is much better than the latest Crudcatcher rear with the single bolt fixing- I managed to get one of the new Cruds to work properly and all it took was a soldering iron and a lathe, easy!

    I managed to get one of the new Cruds to work properly and all it took was a soldering iron and a lathe, easy!

    Excellent! What did you pay for the lathe BTW?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Can’t remember. About £200 all-in, it’s just a little ‘un.

    Premier Icon scoobmw

    I’ve got a Bender Fender from muckynutz, Crud on downtube, Crud out back.

    Good combo.

    Can’t remember. About £200 all-in, it’s just a little ‘un


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