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  • sam2391

    At 5’11 what size do you think 16 or 18, Im used to smaller bikes but will the 16 still be ok for pedalling?. I know its really a matter of trying one but just wondering if anyone could give their opinion


    I’m 5’11” and a 16″ was way to small.

    I had an 18″ AM, sold it and bought a 17″. The top tube length is the same as an 18″, but with more standover which is perfect for me.


    I’m 5’9″ and have a 16 and wouldn’t want to go any smaller. So I’d I’d say 18″ for an almost 6 footer!

    Get the 17″


    If your buying new then the 2012 frame comes in a 17″
    Edit – beaten to it!


    I just bought a five, went for 17″ and I’m a smidgen over 6′. I’m weirdly shaped though, short legs and long torso… Tried both 18″ and 17″, couldn’t really tell much difference and my 17″ feels spot on.


    Would be looking at a 2012 so 17″ seems like the right choice, anyone know where I can demo one? Im near southampton but happy to travel.


    I’m 5.11 got an 18 is ok but maybe could have done with a20″ for all day riding

    On a 16″ you’d look like a monkey on a mangle! I’m only 5’6″ & my 16″ Five is spot on (for me.)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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