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  • Options for skirting around Lyme Park, after it’s closed
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    No-one really seems to know if this is legal or not.

    I always thought the Gritstone Trail from Brickworks was legal as a highway. One for the definitive map? I’m sure it’s been in a guidebook – probably the old Sigma Press one. I rode it from the mid 90’s until I shifted back North.

    Lyme Park closing – isn’t it still daylight hours or 20:00 in the summer; which ever is the earlier.

    best option then is canal to bugsworth, tramway to whitehough and the road over the back of Eccles pike

    Tramway – I always used to keep going to the end of the cycle route section at Bridgeholme Green.

    Eccles Pike – rather than go over the top cut right onto the bridleway on the Chinley side for an off road alternative.

    Offering a hillier route – sorry no map – Bridleway from Whalley back to Furness Vale; down over the railway line then up through Gow Hole to Beardwood Farm; climb upto the start of New Allotments bridleway; by-way over the shoulder of Chinley Churn to Throstle Bank; down to Chinley and up the tramway from there.

    Looking at the heat map – no one rides from Malcoff upto the Pennine Bridleway anymore? I used to use it on a circuit out to Eldon Hill – Old Moor – Oxlow Rake – Hay Dale – Donkey Sanctuary / Bee Low – Martinside – Chapel direct or longer via Coombs – Whitehall – Fernilee – Whaley – Bugsworth – Chapel.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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