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  • Options for frame protection?
  • discoduck

    I’ve had mine done by Invisiframe, I can’t recommend it highly enough, its great and so neat you can’t even tell its there.

    Sorry can’t comment on the others but I have had helitape from biketart, its good stuff and lasts well but I’ve not got the patience to sit putting that on with a bowl of soapy water,


    Get over it would be my advice. Helitape probably helps a bit, but it’s mainly for scuffs / scratches rather than preventing dings. Anything more heavy-duty just adds unnecessary weight. IMO of course.

    Anyone know what the likelihood of frame failure secondary to downtube rock strike? I’m sure it’s happened to someone but it’s got to be vanishingly rare.


    Looking for ways to protect my downtube from flying rocks, my chainstay from my chain and other parts of the frame from cables.

    What do I buy to stick where?

    Rockguardz – do they shatter with hefty rocks? (my frame is not available either, would need to get it moulded – Last Herb)
    Anyone tried factory Effex sheets?
    Anyone tried Bikeshield?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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