Opinions…. Four pot XT…. Experiences?

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  • Opinions…. Four pot XT…. Experiences?
  • alpin

    My Guide RSCs have proved their shiteness now two days in a row. Lever stuck on yesterday whilst hurtling down a trail.

    Replaced all the internal gubbins today, fresh bleed and then exactly the same thing happens whilst I’m enjoying an aperitivo.

    Anyways …. Need new brakes. Never been that happy with the Guides. Bite point would get closer and closer to the bar during a day shuttling or on long alone descents.

    One of the shops has some sexy XT four pot. Kinda tempted. Always rode with Shimano and only had one dodgy set of brakes (original Zee, dodgy sealing on the reservoir) and I prefer the feel of the lever.

    Other options are Formula Cura, standard XT or RSC Codes (at 300€/end!). Most of my riding is either #endurobro or long alpine runs, hence me leaning towards the four pots.

    Yay, nay?


    I haven’t seen them in the flesh yet, but my M8000 2 pots are brilliant, I believe Shimano revised them because early ones had the same random bite point issues of the last one, or I’ve just been lucky. I’d be tempted to buy the calipers just as an upgrade because they look cool, my standard brakes are probably the second most powerful brakes I’ve ever owned, bit more than my Avid Codes (terrible brakes but mega powerful when they were working) and less than my Hope V2s which hurt your face they could brake so hard.

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    If I was doing endless long alpine runs I’d probably look into some Hope Tech 3 E4’s.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    I looked at them but got a far better deal on some Saints so got them. Replaced my XT 8000. First ride with them on and my Eagle upgrade today in Wharncliffe. Feel more powerful but that might just be me.

    The XTs have been faultless even on long Alps descents and three trips to Finale.

    Premier Icon slackman99

    +1 for MT5


    MT5 not an option right now. Just picked up the XT four pots. Will report back later…. 👍


    I swapped out SRAM Guides to Shimano XT and the difference is very noticeable- much smoother braking with better modulation with the XT.

    For me SRAM for gears, Shimano for brakes.

    I only ride XC though – nothing extreme.

    Premier Icon greavo

    My 3 week old Front and Rear Guide RS brakes had this problem on Saturday – sticking levers due to heat – they were in my garage not even in direct sunlight.  I  didn’t cut the hose on the front one so it can’t be a bleed issue.

    It’s got to be amateur hour by SRAM – heat problems should be caught way before arriving in shops.

    It’s early May and I live in Manchester FFS so they’re going back tomorrow.

    @Alpin I’d be very Interested in what you think of the 4 pot XT out in the wild…


    Given the number of bikes these days with Guides I don’t think your experience is typical, personally I find the Guides to have much better modulation than Shimano and with plenty of stopping power and no noticeable fade. User reports of Guides since release have generally been excellent.

    Having said that I haven’t used the very latest shimano offerings.

    Granary Cycles are (or were) knocking out a set of Tech 3 E4’s for about £250 a pair not too long ago. They just be worth a bash?

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    my guide rsc brakes are great BTW

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    Had my 4 pot XT’s a Week or so,not had a chance to fit them yet, job for tommorow.they look like nice kit.got them for a whisker over £210 from alpine trek.

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