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  • Oooh, car suggestions thread!
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    VW Eos 2.0 turbo

    I think they’re a decent amount heavier (150kg??) than a golf, with most of that wieght high up. Probably a nice drive, but not one for really throwing around. May as well get the vr6 (r32 engine) so you can take it on the motorway 😉


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    Eos are famously incredibly leaky.

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    C30 with a fun engine?

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    early noughties Fabia VRS/Ibiza FR TDI. They have VW PD 1.9 engine. £4K will get you a good one.

    a reliable 170+bhp & 300ft/lb with a remap, practical, fun(ish) to drive, 50mpg. cheap parts etc

    I have the same in a VW frock (Polo GT, but you’re unlikely to find one of those). Had an mk2.5 MX5 prior to that as a comparison. They’re proper little hot hatches with masses of torque.

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    Renaultsport Twingo 133. That budget will get you one of the last ones. 1.6L engine without a turbo. Can take a mountain bike in the back. Great fun to drive. Mine never went wrong. Had everything you wanted including Bluetooth. Didn’t survive the M25 central reservation, but lived up to its NCAP rating.

    EDIT. I had a new Eos on a company scheme for four years. Silver and red leather seats. Was a nice place to sit and it didn’t leak. If you find pleasure in driving, buy the twingo. It weighs half the weight of the Eos! Great car to pose and I enjoyed it with the small children with roof down however I preferred the big sun roof. My now grown up children enjoyed the Twingo a lot more. One to destruction. Now replaced with an S works Mini that was £3k and fast enough to errr frighten! I miss the Twingo but not the Eos.

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    Dont get a cooper turbo S or anything with that dogshit 1600 motor.

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    Volvo C30 T5.227BHP, pocket rocket.

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    So – I’ve bought something!

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your suggestions – gave me a lot to think about!

    I’ve bought a Citroen C4 Picasso with a 1.6 eco-diesel motor!

    “You what?!@?” I hear you say.

    After sitting back and pondering for a while, I realised that as much as I wanted something sporty I’d really have to pay more to get something that didn’t have big miles.

    However, I also felt that, after driving an ancient Leyland Daf or a motorbike solely for the last few years, something smooth, easy, economical, and comfy is also very appealing.

    My GF needs to learn to drive too and realistically a supercharged mini cooper isn’t the best place to start.

    Her dad got in touch saying his pal was selling an immaculate Citroen mini-MPV with only 14k miles on, and only wanting £3.5k. FSH, MOTs, high spec all that nonsense.

    And my GF was keen on it as something to learn on, so we split it 50/50.

    Sitting on her mum and dad’s drive til we get out of COVID jail, and if we don’t want it, her mum is taking it.

    I’ll just need to get my kicks on the Ducati

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    Sensible bargain! 👍

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    Hmmmm, as a current owner of a diesel C4 Picasso… I’d have bought something else.

    It’s like driving a sofa, comfortable but dull, the most exciting part is finding out which electrical feature will fail next.

    In fairness you do get a lot of car for the money, and the engines are pretty robust…

    Annoyingly mine just passed another MOT, meaning my case for a new car has been weakened for at least another 12 months…

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    I’m aware of the contradictions here.

    However, it’ll get me through winter in comfort, hopefully won’t break down (14k miles), get my GF her license and then let me get that 147 GTA I’ve always wanted next spring

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    Sitting on her mum………. and dad’s drive

    Must read beyond the first few words before the mind starts boggling!

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    As an Abarth 595 owner, I’d recommend an older model. Absolutely hilarious fun. I’ve owned 3 Cooper S over the years and the Abarth is a lot more fun than they were. Sticks to the road like glue and is an absolute riot on the twisty stuff. Get 35mpg out of mine even with some spirited driving. Parts are very cheap. I put brembo discs and pads on all four corners for £160.

    I just found my dream car… Search for yours

    My little go kart

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    Anyway, if I’ve learned anything from STW recently it’s that you’ll be needing a V6 if you expect to spend more than 10 or so minutes on a motorway, so you’ll be needing whatever car with a V6 you can find within your budget.

    Something I really wish I’d had while driving on the M4 the last couple of times, what with the camera controlled speed limits, etc…
    My 1.0 three-cylinder turbo Ford just wasn’t adequate enough. Trying to keep below 90mph was a real chore, thank God for cruise control.

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