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  • Ooh a 'what frame would you recommend me' thread!
  • slowrider

    What freeridenick said +1, just picked one up from freeborn myself. Been testing mine out locally over the weekend and its a hoot. I wouldn’t fancy any ‘hucks to flat'(TM) but 25ft gap/15ft drop to rocky landing was easily dispatched. Running 140 revs on the front at the minute but can dial down for xc/dj.

    yep just to add run sektor coils dual postion so 140mm for descending
    110mm for climbing.

    under 30lbs with singlering, pro 2s, min ions, sturdy cockpit etc,

    Premier Icon nickc

    Argon FR’s have dated geometry so for me they are out.

    Interesting comment. Care to explain your thoughts a bit more?


    Like many “long travel” hardtail frames of the last 8 years many were designed for 120mm, then okay for 140mm, etc… but just because you CAN fit a long fork does not mean the bike will ride well with one. Whilst the resulting slack head angle from a long fork is a fun thing, the high bottom bracket, high top tube and slack seat angle are not conducive to a great ride (all IMHO & IMHE etc). Better geometry and hence more fun long travel frames are available.


    Cannondale Trigger? Looks like an absolute giggle. No idea if it’s available frame only though.


    Have to say it again, NS Surge.Adj chainstay length, low bb, Steel. ( ok, 27.2 post and normal 1.125″ headset is not what you’re after )

    Pipedream Moxie ( Seat angle probs to slack )

    This looks like fun http://www.saracen.co.uk/bikes/all-mountain%20/kili-flyer


    That mythic is a stomping bargain! Buy that!!

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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