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  • trail_rat

    stuff the mail order company

    phone USE go through to service and warrenty.

    brilliant company and always been great service with me.


    I dont understand the problem.
    The supplier have tested it and its working, why would they replace it? They’ve given you the option of return or refund, pick one and be happy. If it isn’t working when you get it back insist on a refund.
    Perhaps it wasn’t fully charged when you thought it was?
    I’ve had that where I put a light on charge, thought it was charging, but one of the connectors wasn’t making proper contact, so didn’t actually charge the light.
    Did you try charging it again when you go back home?

    Premier Icon crispo

    A little help on this – not exactly sure where I stand.

    Ordered an Exposure Maxx D off the net. It was £60 cheaper than anywhere else so I went for it an was more than happy after it’s first use. Charged it fully up for my next ride and set off, 30mins later (and still showing full charge) I turned it off for a minute as I had a breather. It then wouldn’t come on at all. No light, no LEDs showing power gauge at the back, nothing!

    I sent it back to the company online. They received it, plugged it in and now say it’s working fine. They say they won’t replace it as can’t find a problem. So basically I can have it back or have a refund?

    I don’t really want a refund as it will cost me more to get a new one. Do they have to replace it or is it just my word against there’s as to if it’s broken? From my view why on earth would I pretend it’s broken? I’ve had it a week and it cost me £8 to send it back!

    Premier Icon crispo

    Well why would it go from full charge to no charge on 30 seconds?

    I think there could be a loose connection as that would explain why it lost all form of power in a moment. Surely if the goods are faulty they should replace it? They’ve tested it in as far as they managed to turn it on and off again. I don’t really want to be left in a situation where the lights go out up a hill again!


    im with you crispo.

    ps – was it evans.


    If it’s faulty, then the retailer gets to pay for the return costs.

    Currently they don’t agree that it’s faulty, so rather than fighting them, I’d have it back off them, but make it clear that if it fails again, you’ll be sending it back and reclaiming both sets of return postage from them, and at that point dig your heels in and demand a replacement.

    Premier Icon crispo

    It wasn’t Evans actually. I won’t name them until I get it resolved.

    PDW – Yeah I have told them to send it back and that if it goes off again I’ll be sending it back for them to replace and they agreed. I’m just frustrated that it’s obviously failed but then seems fine for them! Don’t fancy being left with just a little road light again, was hairy to say the least!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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