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  • Premier Icon Imabigkidnow

    Do you shop at your local regularly, do they know you? Have you asked if they can shift on the price and challenged them to reduce the gap.

    Easier if things go wrong or you just want a bit of help with it in the future

    Premier Icon phil40

    Whenever I need something new I shop there, but as I am usually skint (two small children) its not as often as I would like 😀

    I might try asking for a discount, not down to the online price, I know they have additional bills to pay, bu some flexibility would help alot!

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Support the LBS!!!
    You’ll miss it when its gone. 🙁

    Yes, you pay a premium. But that premium is to be able to get the goods there and then, handle them, have a look, try kit on/out etc before purchase. It keeps the shop alive so when you’re doing last minute fettling the day before a big ride and you discover you need a new chain, you can get one and still ride, without waiting a day or 2.

    Repeat purchases from them will probably gain you a discount int he future, they may even be happy to match online prices.

    Support the LBS!!!


    Can’t remember the last time I went into a LBS and they had in stock what I came in for. Decades ago when I used them before the internet there was only Shimano and and 1 wheel size without tubeless tyres etc etc. The range of products and and number of companies supplying them now is so huge that LBS have to be skilled in making sure they have the right fast moving products in stock. After many years of cycling you get knowlegable and need LBS advice less and end up with very specific needs such as a particular preferred tyre type for example. The chances of a LBS having that tyre in stock are minimal. Many people end up skilled in servicing their own bikes after time too. To me LBS need to find a way to attract & keep the experianced cyclists. I still use the LBS for my bike purchases though.

    Tried to order a component from Wiggle. They had to order it in, it took two weeks and never arrived.

    Tried my new (to me) LBS. They had the part in stock and charged me the Wiggle price without having to haggle.

    I shall be using them more in future.

    Premier Icon Simon

    ir_bandito – Member
    Support the LBS!!!
    You’ll miss it when its gone.

    I haven’t set foot in any of my LBSs for years. They don’t offer me anything, I’m not their target market, so I can safely say I wouldn’t miss them if they closed.

    Premier Icon phil40


    I am after a garmin gps unit and a gore jacket (wife has decreed i can treat myself as it’s father’s day) 😀

    Looking online I can get both items for about £40 cheaper than going into my local shop, but in the past I have always bought local to try to support actual shops rather than just online retailers. Am I being a mug by paying the extra, or is local support worth it?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    LBS every time, unless it’s something they can’t get hold of.

    *remembers that LBS has recieved the shorts I ordered*



    Support your LBS if they’re good at what an LBS should be good at.

    If not don’t. My LBS is ace, trustworthy, happy to give advice and very reasonably priced.


    Very rarely do I need to go anywhere but one of my chosen LBS. Stonehenge Cycles and Cycle Surgery Victoria, by the way.


    The idea that LBS have what you want when you want is bollocks I tried about 8 shops today in 2 cities and 2 towns and none of them had what I wanted so I just ordered off superstars. On the other hand I got a new bb from my LBS today and it was half the price of anywhere online I do try and use the LBS when I can afford to.


    My foot is pretty much in the online camp due to cost, availability and conveience. I can’t always get to bike shops because of work and there not being a good one locally, so buying online makes my life easier.

    I do buy stuff from bike shops if one has what I want / need in stock.

    The bike industry had made life difficult for the shops be creating more and more niches, new standards etc. How they are suposed to keep a range of stock in is beyond me, but the trouble is when I can’t get what I want I turn to the internet. A few clicks and its found and more often than not with me within a day or so.

    In the OP’s situation, if they have what you want and you can get a bit of cash off, I’d happily use the shop.


    For me value often (not always) is based on cost, I do have a good LBS which I use but when I can save £££’s I go online.

    I look at prices online and always check with LBS is they can match/come close on price, if they can I’m there, if not I buy online, often though they still do alright as I will take stuff in & pay for it to be fitted. Crazy how you can buy something online, pay for getting it fitted at LBS and still save money. Everyone’s a winner in that situation.

    KMC 10 Speed chain £17
    Zee rear mech £35
    XT Cassette £50
    SLX Shifter £15
    Fitting £20

    Total £137

    LBS quoted like for like fitted £200! With a young family & other hobbies I can hardly afford £63 for loyalty….business is business!

    Premier Icon mattjg

    I agree with nwill1

    Business is business !
    My LBS is pish and at the end of the day £40 is £40, some on line retailers are even doing free returns which really screws the profit out of operating a shop,

    It’s unfortunate I know but its a case of supply and demand,

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Why are so many people so down on their lbs. They are great round here. A little flexibility, a little patience and most of my bike related needs are met. I also shop on online but mainly when money is supertight and i need something to deal with a breakage OR its not a normal line for the lbs/ isnt available through them.

    Maybe we are blessed round here.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    LBS every single time. Garage Bikes Morley is my plug.

    Top bloke, fantastic service and very reasonable prices.

    He does what I want to do, what does the cost of a couple of bottles of wine mean to me if I get to chat to someone about bikes and support the local bike shop.

    Mark my words, bike shops will be the future shortly. Get in now 😀


    2 of my LBS’ s have closed in the last 18 months

    I did buy some online stuff when I was a bit poor
    But times are better and I’ve bought everything from
    Pretty much one local ish shop , circa £800 in the last 5 weeks

    It costs a few quid of diesel but already I’ve had
    Great coffee , quality repairs and some loyalty credit which
    Let me buy a few bits effectively free

    A good bike shop is worth more than a few quid off
    Use them whilst they are there and support them, especially when
    They help you out sourcing kit – spares and all the weird and wonderful bits

    For the record there are 2 bike shops within 4 miles
    But they are greedy / incompetent / crap

    So a big shout to Malcolm , Pete , Rich and Kev @
    Escape route Pitlochry for keeping the LBS alive and kicking


    My LBS price matches 🙂

    As my online local bike dealer shop is Evans(that I do use), I find the answer is usually Chain Reaction Cycles! Cheers CRC 😀

    Premier Icon mattjg

    @op you are not being a mug choosing to use the local shop when armed with the facts, because it’s your money and you can spend it how you like

    neither should you feel any guilt should you choose to buy online, just like, most likely, your LBS owner does

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