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  • toppers3933

    Dave hinde? 😯

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Where are you? You’ll get plenty of recommendations on here for local builders


    depends how much you want to spend, Strada do premium wheel build, but it’ll take weeks not days, but worth it if you’re investing a lot of cash. If no Just riding along have a good rep, Merlin are good, Superstar are hit and miss


    Just got a custom set from Merlin,one week after ordering ,looks like a good build and they were at a decent price.


    looking for Hope hub, Mavic EX 823.
    I’m in Brighton.

    Used to build my own wheels, but at this stage of life, i’ve not enough time, but have more money. SO, i’m being lazy.

    I’m also a bit of a heffer, and need a good strong build.
    I’ll check out those links thanks ‘Woody’

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    these guys are in Worthing;

    a number of the local Brighton shops will do a good build for you to..


    JRA is a possible, but Merlin dont do the rim i need.
    Although JRA is pricey too!.

    Any recommendations for the brighton area for a local build then wwaswas?

    Ta for the info all….

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    Rayment, Baker St, Prestige will all do a good build.

    In the past when I’ve had custom road wheels built, I’ve found JRA to be the cheapest by far (a good £50 cheaper than Srada for example).

    Not sure whether its the same for MTB wheels.

    Why do you want 823 rims? They are really heavy, you could keep your eye out for a 2nd hand set, they always seem to go dead cheap.

    Or just get a pair of hope hoops with flow rims.

    Hand built wheels

    This guy is the brother of a friend and is from what I understand pretty damn good at what he does!


    Not too worried about the rim weight, just need something tough. It’s only for trail riding, but it keeps me fit, and last for ever.

    I also want to get proper UST rims, and the 819 is too teeny for me. Don’t really have much faith in other rim manufacturers, and as Mavics are always pretty tough i’ll stick with them.

    The current wheel i have is a 8yr old Hope Bulb laced to a 729. The wheel is still true and perfect, but the Hope Bulb exploded from the inside last week, and there’s shards of ali everywhere now with a totally screwed wheel left over.

    might be worth getting a pre-built Hope Hoop with Flow rims? Are they on the burly end of the scale for rims?
    Can always re-rim it when it goes the way of most of my rims.


    thanks for the DCRwheels link.
    Looks a possible.

    I’d say give the Flow rim a go. Not as tough as a Mavic, but worth a shot anyway, at least for the price and weight you’ll save. Just make sure it’s a good build. If you buy a Hope Hoops build, probably worth checking the spoke tensions when you get it.


    ahhh… no Hope from DCRWheels tho’


    Yeah, it looks like i might have to go that way.

    The other pre-built wheels i had were Hope Hoops onto DT 5.1’s and they were OK, but have been a constant process of tweaking/truing in the two years i’ve had them. Just not as strong as id like.

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    All my Merlin wheels are still going strong after years of abuse. They offer good price, choice and turn around.


    CRC used to do them, but cant seem to see where they do custom builds.
    Cant see an option on Wiggle either…….

    Who’s good for custom builds?
    Would use the LBS, but not sure of the quality enough.


    Used JRA along twice now and highly recommend them and would use them again. Very friendly guys and never had an issue with either wheel build. Didn’t think the prices were that high tbh considering the important of it.


    JRA is a possible, but Merlin dont do the rim i need

    Merlin do have EX823 they are down the list a bit away from the other mavic rims.

    I’ve got a wheel built by Stif and it’s still going strong after a few years abuse.

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    +1 for stif wheels

    ive got a set of 321s thatve lasted a good few years of DH and still going strong


    actually, the prices from JRA are fine really. It’s just been a while since ive bought any (currently extortionate) bike components etc:

    Thanks all for the advice etc:



    JRA for me. A few sets and all have been spot in.

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    I’ve had wheels from Merlin that lasted years without doing a thing to them. In fact my brother in law is still using them.

    I currently have Hope hubs with Mavic EN 521’s on my FS, the rear came from Stif and is still pretty sweet after about 3 years, the front came from CRC and is in need of truing after about 2 years I assume this is just because the front take more abuse.

    I weigh 100kgs (ish) 😉

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    I’ve used JRA for numerous builds even though I could have got the wheels built slightly cheaper elsewhere.

    They’re really great to deal with and every set they’ve built for me has been faultless and required next to no maintenance.

    They only upkeep I’ve ever had to do on a set of JRA built wheels was tighten two spokes after 18 months and thousands of miles use.

    Member did my last set. Very happy so far. Very good price on DT Swiss hubs IMHO, 2 wheels for the price of one afaics. Quick turn round 1week. Bit Germanic in emails (not chatty or really coming across as friendly) but efficient and professional.


    Merlin Merlin Merlin!

    I bought a custom set over a year ago. I did have a problem with the spokes snapping on the front wheel. Sent them back (which cost about £7 postage), within a week a had a rebuilt wheel, new spokes, free of charge.

    I know people say you can’t beat LBS service but at the prices they offer and this sort of customer service, I would definitely recommend them! Also form all the positive reviews etc, I think I was just unlucky with my first build.


    Another JRA happy customer here, in terms of friendly knowledgeable advice whenever I called them Great service and provided me with a pair of nicely built wheels in good time, at a price I was happy to pay and suit my requirements perfectly 🙂


    +1 JRA – 2 sets of excellent wheels and good service. Just about to be 3 sets as need some decent darkside ones.

    I’ve had good wheels from Merlin and JRA,JRA current favourite,very good quality builds,and near to me.The Merlin built wheels are currently on a friends bike,been going strong for 8 years,with minimal maintenance.You would be fine with either,the JRA lads are lovely to deal with though.

    Yeh, I kept snapping spokes on my road wheels, sent back to JRA and Jon rebuilt em with some more suitable spokes for my immense girth.

    Free of charge!


    The last couple of sets of wheels I’ve had built were from Big Al at Wheelcraft. Their first excursion was a 250 mile fully laden off road coast to coast ride across Scotland. 29er Mavic Rims on Hope hubs. They’ve got easily another 500 miles or so on them since then. Still super true, spoke tension perfect. It’s hardly worth taking them back in for their free bedding in true

    If you are near Glasgow, go in person. You won’t regret it.


    Oh Big Al! He taught me how to build wheels and I will always have a soft spot for him…

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    3 sets from JRA, all perfect and still going strong.

    Did use Wheelpro until Roger flounced out of the trade (for the umpteenth time).

    plus one

    Check out “The spoked wheel” chap based in Sheffield .. Cheapest I found for my hope road wheels( does Mtb wheels too) not sure if 823’s though ? Couldn’t harm to ask …


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