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  • Online bike bits: reliable next day delivery?
  • Merlin tend to be the quickest for me.

    Just about everytime i have ordered the item has arrived the next day.


    No probs with CRC at the moment ordered some bits from them yesterday and got the despatch notice this morning.

    Although it’s a faff I’ve found that ordering bits separately can speed things up you will get several boxes instead of one but it seems to work


    i ordered some XO shifters from CRC saturday pm, arrived a few hrs ago.
    RM first class.

    I have had problems last year but ordered 4K’s worth of parts over a 4 month period, i would say 50% were well behind delivery dates, the longest wait being 3 months,

    still use CRC as much as ever.

    same old complaints on here, but only say 20 people complain, 10,000 don’t.

    I placed 2 orders with crc last week. One took 2 days to despatch (and was sent parcelforce 48) the other was 6 days before despatch (RM). All in stock items.

    Merlin always arrives next day for me, wiggle nearly always arrives next day (assuming I order in the morning).

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    It may be better to go to your LBS. Merlin are normally quite quick. Wiggle dispatch quick but RM seem to take forever with their parcels..

    If you want to guarantee delivery then pay for next day/ priority dispatch.


    Ordered some stuff friday from Merlin for next day/priority despatch. Still waiting, but expect it today.

    Ordered a tyre y’day at lunch time from Westbrook Cycles. Arrived this morning before i got to work.

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    Last Friday I was building up a new bike when I realised it needed a conventional front mech, and I only had the other type. Placed an order with Merlin for a shiny XT mech at around 2.30 and it arrived on Sat morning – I didn’t even go for priority as I still had a hardtail to ride if it didn’t show up. I didn’t even consider CRC/Wiggle as they’ve usually become 2-3 days.


    High on Bikes have delivered everything I’ve ordered from them recently [6 or 7] by the next morning without fail

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    Morning all,

    I need a few bits for the weekend. ‘puter, bar wrap, stem, saddle maybe. This time last year I’d have happily ordered from CRC on a Tuesday with no concerns about not having the stuff by the weekend.

    Different story now though, I’m guessing even those who’ve said they’ve never had problems would be more cautious about urgent stuff.

    How are SJS, Merlin, Wiggle at the moment?


    I’ll say obviously LBS now, just to get it out of the way. I may end up going to them.


    Not a lot of help but I ordered some tyres for Just Riding Along at 4 PM yesterday and they arrived this morning!

    Ordered some cables from CRC last week and they took a week to arrive.


    I’ve recieved orders very quickly from in the past.

    Very good prices too.


    Monday’s order from CRC set a new record inasmuch that the bits I ordered were delivered on Tuesday morning before I got the dispatch email


    Merlin are excellent just now and getting items the next day.
    CRC however are hopeless and very slow now (in terms of delivery and responding to emails) and will not use them again, its so sad to see a once excellent company go in that direction.

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    merlin are always next day for me – always despatched same day as order.

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    paid the exttra for next day from Merlin, sounds like I didn’t need to!

    got the rest from the NLBNTFOOTWABTTOBS (not-local-but-not-that-far-out-of-the-way-and-better-than-the-others Bike Shop



    Evans are slow at the moment. Ordered something on Monday I wanted for the weekend.
    As of today it still hadn’t been shipped because they are too busy.

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