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  • appy

    Going up the back of Snowdon past the old slate works with the oth erhalf who doesnt ride much, Think we saw two other people all day. The weather was awful all the way there in the car but as soon as the bikes came off the car a gap in the clouds appeared and very weidly followed us all the way up.

    After a hard non stop climb we came over a ridge and were rewarded with this view which the camera doesnt remotly capture.

    Uploaded with

    Premier Icon Steve Loughran

    Crater Lake, Oregon, USA. Ten year old does his first 70 mile ride on the back of a tandem -not me on the front; I’m not sponsored to race in the category below my age in the US cyclocross league. I was on an MTB, took some detours and by the time I got to the campground, drubbed, my son was happily running around chasing chipmunks. I may as well retire now.

    Normally you get fantastic views of a volcanic crater with a perfect blue lake -today everything is hazy due to a forest fire 50 miles south; we’d had to cancel plans to visit the Lassen Volcanic national park because of it. Cleared up the next day for the classic views.

    If you haven’t been to Oregon with an MTB, you’ve missed out on some excellent trails.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Just dropping back in to say that some of these pics and words are reminding me why bikes are so awsum. 😀

    P1010373 by DavidHodgson, on Flickr

    The Cobbler. Roasting hot day mid-March


    From Finale Ligure, Italy May 2012

    Fredrik Arnesen

    Enjoying my post-ride banana.
    Ogden, Oxenhope and the like.
    April 2012. Rich’s 29er in the background.
    Four season in one day ride. Snowing by the time we topped the Withens Road climb from the reservoir.

    Premier Icon yetitony

    Kinder scout including Jacobs Ladder. Face planted at the bottom!

    Faceplant by, on Flickr


    I dont often post on here, But felt compelled to do so after looking through this particular thread. There are some fantastic photo’s here and each one in its own way captures what we all love about riding!


    inspiring thread i hope it never ends…………………… 😀

    Premier Icon chakaping

    It’s been a year of mostly local, solo biking, due to work.

    Had loads of brilliant rides in the few weeks of hot, dry weather we got down south at the end of the summer though. This could have been from any of them…


    My last epic ride in the UK with my Welsh buddies.
    A long hot and foggy climb to the summit of Pen Trumau in the Black Mountains.
    We stopped and wondered how we were going to descend with such limited visibility.

    As if by act of God or magic a wind blows it all away in an instant revealing my favourite descent in South Wales.

    Amazing day.


    First time in the US so made quite a change from Birmingham. Took a 29er over the bridge and overtook a few roadies coming up the road pictured. From here I then road all over the Marin headlands, all the trails that Marin name there bikes after. A Beautiful, never to forget day.


    Haven’t been on the bike much this year, the best of the riding was going to the pub:-

    [/url] 120720 – 324 – Riding To The Pub by D(i)rT, on Flickr[/img]


    Back on the Downhill bike as it has been broken most of the year. Chicksands in November.

    chicksands by lesoxdh, on Flickr


    11th August bivi ride. Waking up to the view of Liathach after the best star gazing night I’ve ever had.
    bike etc bivi spot liathach in background by martinxyz, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Gravy

    Taken in the French Alpes near to St Martin. Another fantastic day !

    me1 by pjlande, on Flickr
    The hardest day on a bike for me ever. Manx e2e 2012. Great sense of achievment in tough conditions. Made it in less than 5hrs. Chuffed.


    Dartmoor – sitting out yet another band of hail.
    That turned out to be a properly hard ride that one did …

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Obviously I haven’t!
    Finally think I may have worked out how to post a picture

    (-and this thread should be resurrected – some great shots)

    its a toss up between

    just a cheeky sunday morning ride at Stamner park with a friend

    or me ripping up singletrack on Cissbury ring

    Premier Icon jameso

    Found a pic from the best single ride I did last year (some random riders, for illustration purposes only etc). Evans Ride-It event in Feb, early start for a local loop in the Chilterns that turned out to be 20-odd miles of dry powder snow at -10 under clear blue skies – on big 29er tyres, big rims and about 12-15 psi. One of those fun, unexpected, perfect days on the bike. For a few hours, I was John Stamstad in the Idita )

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