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    Who’s doing it this year?

    Going to do it again myself as quite enjoyed it, even if it could be a PITA at times!

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Did you see it through ? If so congratulations. Everyone I know bailed after a few months.

    Yes, stuck it out, a fair few of us did!

    Here’s mine for 2013

    1st January 2012

    Premier Icon bigdean

    Did this for my son’s first year, on a less positive note it has been good to track time/ dates in hospital only missed a few days over the year and yes a pita at times.


    I did the full year and going to do 2014 too, enjoyed it and it’s a great pictorial diary.

    Aye, I failed last year, around February (embarrassingly!) I’m in!.


    Going to give it a go.
    I hope that it will make me take the camera out and about more in 2014.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    I’m in, again

    Hmmmm, might give it, or an equivalent on Twitter or Google+ a go… Probably end up with lots of night shots taken just before midnight though 🙂


    Got about 7 months through last year, was a bit of a pain doing it each day. Think I may aim for a photo per week


    I’m going to try and do this again this year, if anything to get the camera out more. I missed the 1st day tho, will hunt the phone later to see if I took any pictures 😐

    Premier Icon DezB

    Ok, seeing as I took a pic yesterday, I’ll give it a go.
    Are you allowed to take more than one photo per day?

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    ^^of course 😉

    managed 2 successful 365’s, and 1x 365 that turned into a 1 per week.
    last year’s 52 kind of just faded away about half way thru the year.

    not decided on another 365 yet. I took a photo yesterday, so have the option still.

    also found I was quickly trying to take a photo just before midnight. certainly learned quite a bit photography wise, so wanted to give it another crack at some point.

    Premier Icon DezB

    certainly learned quite a bit photography wise

    Hoping to do that. Only seemed to have used my DSLR for sports so far.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I managed it last year but it became a chore toward the end so going to give it a miss this year.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    It looks tough. I might try PAW instead

    But well done formaggio a good effort. Anyone else going to link to theirs?

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