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  • One off replacement d hanger
  • Premier Icon BearBack
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    Ok, these are now unicorn poop, where would I go to have one CNC made?
    Local bike guys with a CNC machine ball parked $500. I’m thinking UK mail order likely a better option as there must be some healthy competition in the UK.


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    Have you been through the usual suspects? North Shore Billet, Wheels Mfg. , BETD?

    The machining is cheep, but its the one off fees to CAD it that will make up ~£400 of that £500, then someone has to load the machine etc rather than making a hundred at a time from a billet. Getting that as one off is never going to be cheap.

    Premier Icon krixmeister
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    If you email a picture of it to the BETD folks, they are usually pretty responsive and good at identifying compatible hangers.

    Premier Icon tthew
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    What’s it from?

    Premier Icon dovebiker
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    Gone are the days of popping into to see Fred in the toolshop and ask if he can knock you up one in his lunch time. Get the shape drawn up in an autocad compatible file, get the shape laser cut and someone to drill/tap the holes – it certainly doesn’t need 500 quids worth of CNC machining.

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    1st gen spawn kotori with sliding dropouts.
    Laser cutting def worth exploring, nice idea!

    That orange hanger looks closer than anything I’ve found.

    Premier Icon orangeboy
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    That orange drop out I linked to was from a single speed frame with Sliding drop outs.

    Pilo often show a photo with the exact dimensions but not for that one

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    Shape wise, that Orange one looks identical!

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