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  • One more thing that ******* annoys me
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    Its not a rant now, but it is when it happens. All the pr’cks who see fit to stick their bonnet out of a junction, blocking the cycle lane in doing so and pushing me into the flow of traffic THEN totally looking through me while I’m pointing and cursing them because thats right, I’m on a bike therefore DON’T EXIST. You ******* *******.


    Stop in front of them and fix an imaginary puncture – that’ll sort them right out.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    would you rather they just pulled out across your path because they couldn’t see properly ?

    Premier Icon jimmy

    I’m not talking about concealed junctions here, wide open main roads and lazy, stupid, ignorant (fat) pillocks who can’t lead forward in their own seat.

    Oh, FFS, another holier than thou “I’m on my bike so I must be in the right and no one else is allowed to use the roads” rant.



    jimmy, scotland for the weekend 20th march,
    fancy a day…..


    Meh – don’t cycle in the gutter and you’ll be fine.

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    cycling dow Shinfield road in Reading (past the takeaways on the way to uni from town) theres some trafic lights.

    Trafic is in 2 lanes, one for left/straight and one for right/straight.

    Mr I’m better than you in my 5 series touring cockwagon goes down the outside lane intending to jump a few cars

    however everyone ahead of him is turning right so hes stuck, so what does he do, wait a minute and decide not to be so impatient in the future?

    does he fek, he pulls back into the left lane into the nice 5 series sized gap in the trafic currently occupied by me and my bike.

    to preven the laws of physics resolvig them selves in a biology lesson kind of way im forced into the junction.

    Its not like i was invisible, frot light, 2 flashing cateye front lights on the shoulder straps, rear light, flashign cateye and falshing balcburn mars on the backpack, im lit up like a feking christmass tree!

    Caught him at the next junctio and ask hi “did you not see me”


    (lossing it at this poit)

    “how the fek can you not feking see me you doss eyed cu**, im lit up like a feking christmass tree get yer feking eyes tested”

    I’m not normaly an angry person, but is the driving test easier south of the watford gap or are drivers just retarded?


    Err people make mistakes-maybe the driver was pulling out but had to stop to avoid a collision.

    Take a chill pill and relax or you’ll be dead by 50.

    I see loads of ppl making mistakes-relax don’t let them get to you bud.

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