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  • One for the vinyl fanbois
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    Quite an amusing video and for some perverse reason I want to try one of these

    Premier Icon wilburt
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    Techmoan( Mat) is quite entertaining he reviews old and new hifi and unusal tech and quite a few dash/action cams.

    Right up STW’s street I would have thought.

    Premier Icon Rockhopper
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    He’s on my subscribers list as well. Love the retro hifi in particular.

    Premier Icon whatyadoinsucka
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    Very nice, although the little vinyls would look ridiculous on sl1200s , reminds me I always wanted the little vw camper speaker that you could play on a flat vinyl and itd drive around playing.

    Nearly got one in the early 2000s for an old dusty record shop in Bradford, that I bought thousands of 12” for £1 a go with good discounts in bulk

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1
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    Brill cheers

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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