One for the JMC fans

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  • One for the JMC fans
  • Well posted aP.
    I'm a JMC fan.

    Nice to see that bike.

    Interesting that the rear rocker thing looks like a cnc'd and welded together piece rather than the 2 separate pieces that came on the production bikes … have one of these frames in the loft, always thought the rocker could have been made stronger/stiffer, and that's what they've done there.

    1995 ! 😥

    JMC Legend for those of us old enough to remember


    The Jesus of MTB cool.


    Nice link about JMC pity the blurb about him over states the case, agree the he was UK's 1st MTB superstar he was not the first to "blaze the trail" out side of Britain. That honour goes to a certain Tim Gould and David Baker. Always nod at JMC picture on the fence as I pass the spot.

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    Also some pics by Steve Behr just gone up this afternoon –


    i guess he was the first downhiller to blaze the trail though.
    man i remember bingley nemba just after it happened no one could be arsed to race.

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    Ha – like the commentary on the vid…."Scotsman Jason Mcroy"

    Typical 😆


    Also some pics by Steve Behr

    Absolutely storming one of him on the Salsa.

    What a great shot from Steve Behr

    See how he covers the brakes?!!!!!???!!!!

    Awesome picture, awesome bloke, sadly missed.



    anyone know where i could obtain a jmc tattoo sticker?

    i'd thought the shop on the site used to sell them but it doesnt appear to be there anymore?


    Found this crumpled old photo when I was moving house a while ago, love it


    I have his tattoo on my lower back and Peaty's Royal design biker in blue outline behind it.
    There is an FSR frame on ebay at the mo.


    I've the tattoo on my lower back also.


    more like it

    its funny how they chose the clip where myles beats Jason when there is another clip of jason beating myles at exactly the same event.Great rider, remember him well

    Weird how DH'ing has changed though. 56 tooth chainring, seat high, full lycra. Uber Mega cool


    I pass the spot where he died twice a day to and from work, its kinda spooky and I always take it just that bit slower round that corner

    He was such a nice bloke too.


    Came riding with our university club once on a Wednesday ride. Nice unassuming chap and a fit bugger to boot! Respect. Honoured to have ridden with him once.

    Top bloke and awesome to watch ride – nonk I was at Bingley NEMBA that year too – still remember the flat atmosphere

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    he was not the first to "blaze the trail" out side of Britain.

    XC was the domain of the major brands, JMC went out and got himself noticed for DH.

    Was at the national champs the year he died. I messed up the video camera as he went passed, turning it off instead of on and totally missed him go by. Was ubergutted. Remember Peaty coming down, though and he was all the place like the gangly teenager he was. Boy done good.

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    It's a shame though that Specialized cant go the full distance and mount the bike over a picture of JMC in action.

    Came riding with our university club once on a Wednesday ride. Nice unassuming chap and a fit bugger to boot! Respect. Honoured to have ridden with him once.

    did you go to University of Northumbria (or Newcastle University)?

    I was on the Hardisty Cycles racing team with Jason, just before he hit the big time and got his Pro deal with Specialized

    Jason was responsible for inspiring myself and fellow Hardisty's team mate Adam Robertson to get into DH in a big way, as we were XC racers at the time

    if you've ever seen photos of his Specialized race kit, you'll notice the Hardisty Cycles logo on his top, which he insisted on, due to all the help that Margaret Hardisty had given him before Specialized picked up him

    I was also at the Uni of Northumbria during this time, and we'd regularly invite Jason out for club rides from Newcastle out to Chopwell Woods or Prudhoe – sometimes his buddy Paul Plunkett would come along

    JMC was a great guy, super friendly to everyone and very down to earth, but also very fast and talented on his bike, professional off the bike, and a big inspiration for riders of that era

    JMC, sorely missed!!

    rob cole

    I was at Bingley too. I have hazy (read drunken) recollections of singing 'stairway to heaven' in the campsite with a crowd of strangers, one who had a guitar. All friends in mourning. Anyone else recall it?

    Remember seeing him at Olympia at Bike 94(?) with Rob Warner et al. Proper role model & hero. Ride free.


    Just bumpin' this 'cos it's almost 15 years.

    You're still there dude.


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    15 years, holy shit.

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    I was up on that road yesterday…tintwhistle to Holmfirth. There used to be a frame there but it's gone..

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    15 years! It's all abit hazy, was that before or after the Malverns that year? Just remember being absolutley gutted, used to hero worship him when he was in Hardisty's at the same time as me.
    Went to Whistler later that year to ride and all the locals had heard of him and were gutted he had died. He'd really made an impact over there.

    The bit in Dirt (the video, not mag) were he's hammering along on his FSR and is being filmed from a car alongside him still inspires me when I watch it.



    Always loved this pic. He looked great in Nat Champ colours. Remember reading about his death in the newspaper in a small side story. Couldn't believe it was him 🙁

    Was at PORC in Pensurst when the news came through


    a true inspiration to me and my mates in the mid nineties that always made us want to go that little bit faster. A great man.


    For me, JMC showed a young teenager (me) that a Brit could impress the Yanks at their own game. Up until that point I held others in reverence, JMC showed me that we're all equal.

    That and the time where Ned Overend passed me on a ride in Fruita. I nearly fell off my bike in disbelief.

    I have a pair of JMC socks somewhere with his tattoo on them….. RIP.

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