One for the 2000AD fans… ROGUE TROOPER MOVIE!

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  • One for the 2000AD fans… ROGUE TROOPER MOVIE!
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    I may be a little out of touch now so apologies if this is old news but it is in development with Sam Worthington’s production company and Duncan Jones to direct.

    I may have posted something about that a while a go.   Looking forward to it, hopefully they’ll have a hell streak on the ridge!😁

    Planet Replicas do a nice line in Rogue Trooper  Biochips and their FB page has occasional news on 2000AD films/books.


    Well, it seems to have a script and is ‘moving forward’ but hasn’t that been the case since the 80s?

    Probably my favourite 2000AD character but I’m not getting my hopes up that A. it will see the light of day and B. that it will be any good.

    Rebellion have their own studio, I doubt they would have made that investment if they weren’t intending on following through.

    Would love to see Jaegir or Deadworld developed into something as well.


    It would be cool if the went for a “jokeresque” approach to the ultimate soldier suffering a mental breakdown from ptsd, imagining the souls of his fallen comrades possessing his kit, talking to them as he continues the war and slaughters the enemy in revenge.

    I work for a company owned by Rebellion games (Audiomotion). I went down to the Rebellion Films studio the other week. Holy moly! It’s insane! Huge doesn’t describe it! It’s the old Daily Mail print works, a 12 acre site. I’m hoping to work on the 2000ad stuff, childhood dream! 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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