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  • One for iBlaast owners…
  • bent_udder
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    I’ve been swapping a few emails with Nightlightning about the possibility of using Turboferret’s battery holders with my iBlaast 2 (see here), and it looks like the helmet mount is finally coming out next week. If you’ve been using the monster velcro set up, this might be worth a look. They’re doing them for £15 including shipping, which is not bad when you look at how much an Exposure mount is – £20.
    Oh, and you can use TF’s packs (£12 for holder, plus $20 for 4x 18650s) – with the 2500mah cells, they’ll do 3.30 hours on full blast, or 35+ on low setting.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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Search the forum using the power of Google

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