One album from every decade, 60s to now.

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  • One album from every decade, 60s to now.
  • hodgynd

    Yeah ..I would agree with you there slowoldman..I’ve got” live ” and it’s another good one ..

    Talking of underrated ..I wanted to get Wishbone Ash in there too ..the original line up ..Argus is another great album ..😎😉

    Premier Icon senor j

    There was me expecting dez’s list to be all cliff Richard. 😉 he’s right though, too many…. so off the top of my head when I should be doing housework….

    60s – Otis reading -Otis blue

    70s – Blondie. – parallel lines

    80s – the Cult – Dreamtime

    90s – underworld  dubnobass….

    2000 -beck -the information

    2010’s Tame impala -currents

    Premier Icon DezB

    Get on with your housework.

    ..and I’m wired for sound… 😀

    Jeez… didn’t even know this existed  😳

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Ah Wishbone Ash. Live Dates is brilliant. Reminds of seeing them at the Kursaal in Southend. Oh and at the Buxton Pop Festival on High Edge which was a tad colder.

    Parallel Lines up there too. Good call. Or how about The Pretenders?

    Another slightly off the wall choice for me would be The Groundhogs – Split.


    Must be albums I’ve played (and continue to play) to death yet seem to refuse to die.

    My basic criteria, I chose only albums that I’d listened to and actually owned and continue to play on a regular basis. King Crimson I borrowed from a mate at school, it made a huge impression on me, changed my entire musical outlook forever. It was a while before I bought a copy, however, I just didn’t have the money to buy albums at that time.

    Lots of great selections, many took me a while to come to appreciate, though.


    S.OM…I see we have similar musical tastes ..I only ever saw Wishbone Ash in the Laurie Wisefield era ..around about ” There’s the Rub ” ..Newcastle City Hall ..too many years ago ..

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Another Wishbone Ash fan here, saw them live a few times.

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    60’s Hot Rocks- Rolling Stones ( cheating a tad here)

    70’s Number 1 record- Big Star

    80’s Strangeways here we come- The Smiths

    90’s Grand Prix – Teenage Fanclub (trickiest decade)

    00’s Final Straw- Snow Patrol (unfortunately by now my music is fed via mtv etc, not the most enlightened period)

    10’s Lost in the dream- The War on Drugs (due to downloading and Spotify, even though I’m listening to more music than ever I rarely listen to albums)

    Quite hard to do as others have said but these all still get a burly.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Mrs Slow put on Elvis Costello Armed Forces earlier.


    Noticeable by its absence from my list was something from this decade. I’ve yet to find something that’s really compelling that I can’t stop playing. Still doing research.

    Premier Icon Stainypants

    60s.Beach Boys Pet Sounds

    70s Joy Division Unknown Pleasures

    80s Talk Talk Spirit of Eden

    90s Tricky Maxinquaye

    00s Arcade Fire Funeral

    10s LCD Soundsystem The long goodbye



    The Velvet Underground and Nico


    LA Woman – The Doors


    Daydream Nation – Sonic Youth


    The Boatman’s Call – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


    Up the Bracket – The Libertines




    @ stainypants ..that surprised me ..The Spirit of Eden ahead of  The Colour of Spring …

    Premier Icon DezB

    Noticeable by its absence from my list was something from this decade.

    It ain’t the fault of the music.. there is shitloads of fantastic new stuff and a whole Internet world to find it on. We’ve never had it so good.

    Premier Icon DezB

    1950,s     Kind Of Blue – Miles Davis

    1960’s      Tommy – The Who

    1970’s      Blood On The Tracks – Bob Dylan

    1980’s      The Dreaming – Kate Bush

    1990’s      Maxinquaye – Tricky

    2000’s      Speakerboxxx/The Love Below – OutKast

    2010’s     Let England Shake – PJ Harvey


    60s – Highway 61 Bob Dylan

    70s – London Calling The Clash

    80s – Remain in Light Talking Heads

    90s – Mezzanine Massive Attack

    00s – thickfreakness The Black Keys

    Premier Icon edhornby

    60s – Pet Sounds

    70’s – What’s goin on (or songs in the key of life, or innervisions…)

    80’s – 1984 by Van Halen – or Sign of the Times by Prince

    90’s – gah, Endtroducing by DJ Shadow and Midnight Vultures by Beck are both 90’s

    00s – either Songs for the Deaf QOTSA or 7 days of falling by EST

    Premier Icon ebennett

    50s – Kind of blue, Miles Davis
    60s – Let it bleed, Rolling Stones
    70s – Dark side of the Moon, Pink Floyd (What’s going on, Marvin Gaye as a close 2nd!)
    80s – bit of a black hole for me music-wise, maybe The Stone Roses?
    90s – Can’t pick between Endtroducing (DJ Shadow) and Mezzanine (Massive Attack)
    00s – Can’t pick between Funeral (Arcade Fire) and Antics (Interpol)
    10s – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire)


    I know it’s a little early to call for the 10’s, but if you like electronica, I think either of the Bon Moses albums will be showing up on people’s favourites… both albums are proper listen from start to finish..

    60s – The Doors, The Doors

    70s – The Clash, London Calling

    80s – New Model Army Chunder & Constipation Thunder & Consolation

    90s – Nirvana, Nevermind

    00s – a struggle here but I think i’ll go with QOTSA, Songs For The Deaf

    10s – even harder. Back to New Model Army, Winter. Dog & Wolf was a bit too mellow, Blood & Wine a bit too short


    60’s Led Zeppelin I

    70’s Yes – Going For The One

    80’s U2 – The Joshua Tree

    90’s Radiohead – The Bends

    00’s Neil Young – Living With War

    10’s Frootful – Colours

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    60s Hot Rats
    70s Blows Against The Empire.
    80s Guitar Shop
    90s B’Boom: Live in Argentina
    00s Songs for the deaf
    10s What we saw from the cheap seats

    And everyone of those could change in five seconds. No Floyd, no Soft Machine, no Hendrix? etc etc etc


    60s White album

    70s Hunky Dory

    80s Appetite for Destruction

    90s Siamese Dream

    00s Kid A

    10s Lost in the dream


    Love this but all lists should start

    60s tangerine dream – electronic meditation

    After that any combination of the above. Love seeing so many Zappa records suggested (but not Joes Garage? )

    Premier Icon DezB

    all lists should start…

    How boring would that be.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Tangerine Dream never released an album in the 60s.

    Electronic Meditation was released in June 1970.

    And Can were a better band anyway.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Too difficult. And some great suggestions so far that I might have put down myself. In an attempt to not copy and paste I’ll go for…

    60s Has already been mentioned, but I can’t see past The Beach Boys. Pet Sounds.

    70s The Rolling Stones. Sticky Fingers.

    80s The Sisters of Mercy. Floodland.

    90s Manic Street Preachers. The Holy Bible. Narrowly edging out Ride. Nowhere.

    00s Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. Angles.

    10s The XX. I See You.

    Choices may be subject to sudden change…


    Abbey Road

    Pink Moon


    OK Computer – actually the correct answer is probably Urban Hymns, unless it isn’t, which it probably is

    American Idiot

    Let England Shake – as things stand…


    This is the dawning of the rest of our lives…



    Wait, what, 80’s Graceland

    It was Paul Simon’s birthday a few days ago

    This game is beyond impossible


    60s – The Allman Brothers Band

    70s – Black Sabbath: Master of Reality

    80s: Metallica: Ride the Lightning (or Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast).

    90s: Alice in Chains: Dirt (or Neurosis: Through Silver in Blood)

    00s: Down II

    10s: Mastodon: Crack the Skye


    Premier Icon fingerbang

    I’m going with<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>:</span>

    1. Love. Forever changes

    2 .The clash. London calling

    3.the smiths. The Queen is dead

    4.spiritualized. ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

    5. Primal scream. Xtrmntr

    6. Deerhunter. Halcyon digest

    Physical Graffiti was just edged out for seventies’ album and same for Real life/magazine. Struggled to narrow it down for 60s-90s. Struggled to think of one for last two decades

    Premier Icon DezB

    Ah that’s interesting.. at last, a list that I don’t own any of! 😊 metal mikey from a parallel musical universe (almost… I do have a Sabbath album)


    It ain’t the fault of the music.. there is shitloads of fantastic new stuff and a whole Internet world to find it on. We’ve never had it so good.

    That’s the thing, there’s been loads, but it’s all very recent, it hasn’t had that length of time to enable the music to build a sense of being essential. The two that will probably stand the test of time will be Bowie’s Black Star, and Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker. Let’s face it, neither artist will ever do anything better. ☹️

    I could easily replace my 80’s choice with Talk Talk, either It’s My Life or The Colour of Spring, both of which have been essential listening since they were released. In fact all of Talk Talk’s discography has been played regularly since I saw them on a tv programme called ‘David Essex’ Showcase’. Phenomenal band.

    I could put King Crimson’s Discipline in my 80’s selection, but that wouldn’t really be the truth, although I bought the album then, it’s taken until fairly recently to really come to appreciate just how good it is.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    What delights  me as an old bloke is just how many choices there are. I scrolled through my iTunes library today, looked at my most played list thingy (even for just the last 4 minths as I rebuilt the os) and so many if the songs I listen to aren’t on the list. So much great music out there. And Billy F Gibbons has just added another. 😎


    Im enjoying a lot of the new breed of ” classic ” rock bands ..Black Coffee , Co-op ( Alice Coopers son’s band )..Greta Van Fleet..the lead singer of which has got to be Percy’s love child !😁

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    80s appetite for destruction – guns n roses

    90s music for the jilted generation – prodigy

    Really struggling outside of this, especially before the 80s. Nothing major stands out for me at the moment.

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