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  • It always gets posted up when people have a problem, so I thought it was only fair that I take a minute to share my experience of their customer support.

    Firstly this is not the first time I have had a good outcome, I would say there have been at least 3 occasions where I have had a quick positive response.

    Anyway, the slightly truncated version is: I had a problem with a frame, but because I simply used the frame as an ornament for quite some time before I built it up I did not notice it was not right. It was so long that it was out of warranty.
    So I contacted Brant and sent it in, and have dealt with a guy called Lee who has kept me up to date at each stage. Within a week I have a new frame ready to be sent, and BB bearings swapped out etc.
    The thing is I think the outcome is fair and handled well and quickly, but I have had plenty of dealings with other companies where they try to wriggle out of it, so fair play to them and I will now have to buy another bike from them within the year as I like to reward good companies 🙂


    I’ve always had similar service from them, find it surprising when I read some negative reports.

    Yeah- I guess people are more likely to write about the bad than the good.


    In other Planet-X news, I got this email today.

    Good Morning,

    Everyone is asking the same question ‘How do you do it? How do you make such great product at such great prices’ Ok sometimes people ask ‘where’s my order?’ or ‘does this work with this?’

    Unfortunately this means our vastly expanded and still growing customer services team are having a tough time dealing with all the incoming calls and emails. The team are working extra hard to get through the volume of emails and to answer every call so please bear with us. Every customer is very important to us and I personally don’t want to let anyone down. We will answer your email.

    It was exactly a year ago today when I took on this role and Planet X had 5 customer advisors and 4 phone lines. Today we have 25 advisors and 30 phone lines. I take great customer service very seriously and we are all working tirelessly to improve our speed and quality. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    If you really can’t wait and you query is urgent please email me directly at barrydunn_COO@planetx.co.uk and I will look in to this ASAP.

    Thank you and happy riding…

    Kind Regards

    Barry Dunn
    Chief Operating Officer
    Planet X Bikes

    I’d actually forgotten I had emailed them a query. Nice to know they are working on it.

    Edit: …then I got this one. Heh.


    Sorry, please note an incorrect detail within my previous email, if you require an urgent response you can email me at Barry_coo@planetx.co.uk

    Kind Regards

    Barry Dunn
    Chief Operating Officer
    Planet X Bikes

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’ve never had a problem, put 10 or so orders their way, never anything big: cassettes, chains, headsets, stems, posts that sort of thing.

    I took advantage of their sale at the weekend and sent them a tester of a 26 item list of well-priced consumables.

    Fingers crossed for 26/26. More concerned about the Yodel delivery, to be honest


    Another in the ‘good service’ camp here.

    I had to chivvy them along a bit with some inner tubes recently, but I did order the last 8 that were (apparently) in stock.

    My really good experience with them was my new frame last year. Basically Yodel transit-damaged it. On One asked me to send it back, but I basically said I’d just bring it to them for a replacement. I doorstepped them on a Saturday morning and left 30 minutes later with a replacement frame. They let me try to screw in some BB cups and put my wheel in to test it was ok whilst I was still there.

    OK, so I went the ‘extra mile’ by driving to them, but they saw my predicament and sorted it really quickly and with no quibbles.

    Since then I have ordered various bits a pieces and (inner tubes apart) have always received them on time or early.


    Whilst I agree their vfm, shipping times and after sales service is excellent, I am now starting to wonder about them as a whole as the last 3 orders I have had from them have had a problem with wrong item sent or missing item from package even though the picking list has a tick against it!!

    I would prefer if they got it right in the first place tbh!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Thought I’d created the perfect storm the other day.

    Expensive, fragile item
    from PX/OO
    delivered by Yodel

    I almost had my rant thread written in my head, but then everything went as smooth as could be. As has every (much smaller) PX/OO order I’ve placed.

    Premier Icon u02sgb

    I was pleased with how they handled a problem with a Ti post that I bought. I’d admitted to being ham fisted with the bolts but thought it was due to tolerances not being correct.

    Lots of updates from Lee and ended up with them refunding me and posting back my Saddle. 5* will definitely deal with again :).


    Never had a problem up until today, ordered a mech hanger for my el gaupo last week, they sent me wrong part, fine…sent it back asking for proper part, email saying monday it had been sorted and mech hanger was being processed, turned up today, again wrong part has been delivered, tried speaking to someone but held on hold, decided to give up :?…no happy


    Ordered Sunday night, notified that they were busy but working through it.

    Arrived today, can’t complain!


    Nothing but good from me, I bought a Frame (second hand).

    after a year of riding it hard, I had cracked the chain stay,I emailed on one,to see if they would recomend a welder, as i live very localy, they did and then also offered me a very good price on a replacment frame. in fact very similar to what I payed for the second hand one.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Ordered Saturday, arrived today…all items present and correct 😀

    …plus I now have glow-in-the-dark pedals on my folding bike 8)

    Do love on one/planet x, even though this is the first time in 3 orders that I’ve actually got all the right things in the parcel!

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Ordered Friday, been sitting “ready to be shipped” since I checked on Monday. 😕 I know they’ll be busy with all the sale orders, but what’s the point of showing an order status if it doesn’t tell you anything?

    instant hit

    Been meaning to start a similar thread due to excellent service, ordered a frame last year (frome on one) and a complete bike (planet x) about 4 weeks ago; kept up to date with ordering process and items arrived when stated.
    Getting through on the phone can be hard work, but isn’t anywhere these days?
    Would definitely recommend using them and im sure i will be back in the future when new bike fever kicks in.


    no response to my email sent a few days ago here. sent because i got fed up of waiting for 15mins on the phone being 7th in the queue… they missed a few things from my order, which is a first as they’ve been good before. must be busy

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