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  • Just been through a warranty experience with them, small problem with a helmet I got off them a while back.

    For a brand/company who are pitched at the budget/value end, their customer service is anything but. Emails answered same day (generally within an hour or two), sent them a picture, they immediately agreed to replace the helmet and asked me to send back the old one, return processed the day it was received, replacement item (which didn’t appear to be in stock on their site) shipped the next day.

    Can’t fault them at all.


    druidh to the forum please, druidh to the forum…

    My experince was quite diffrent 🙁

    Bought a set of Shimano road hubbed wheels and made 3 seperate email enquirys over a 1 month period asking if they had replacement freehub bodies in Campag splined patten ALL of which went unanswered !

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    Do the people that complain about emails going unanswered ever try phoning? Just wondering like….


    Do the people that complain about emails going unanswered ever try phoning? Just wondering like….


    every day about 50 people come on the forum and complain that ‘xxx company/persons are ignoring them, and thus providing TERRIBLE service’, but have only emailed.

    why are people so scared of lifting up the phone these days? or is it laziness?


    My experience is already documented on thus forum if anyone is really that interested. FWIW, I called regularly and was usually fobbed off with a “he’ll get back to you”, so it’s not just a reluctance to respond to email.

    And before anyone chimes in to tell me off for knocking On One – again – note that I’ve recommended their products several times since my incident.


    why are people so scared of lifting up the phone these days?

    This…I’ve always had good service from O-O, but then again I do tend to revert back to the old skool practice of picking up the blower and conversing without the use of a keyboard 😯


    FWIW, I called regularly and was usually fobbed off with a “he’ll get back to you”,

    IME the beauty of calling is that you don’t have to get fobbed off. I’d just stay on the line, make them pass it up the line there and then. V. easy to ignore an email. Much harder to ignore someone on the phone there and then. Just don’t accept the above!

    Do the people that complain about emails going unanswered ever try phoning? Just wondering like….

    Yes we do …but thats not the point is it ?

    If you have e mail cuctomer service with a service promise of responding within a timeframe then you should do it !

    In my limited experience they’re really good.

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    tracknicko – Member

    why are people so scared of lifting up the phone these days?

    Emails give you a written record. I’ve got an ongoing warranty claim with a company that’ll remain nameless until we’re done… been given 3 different reasons why it’s not in warranty, 2 were flat wrong and the 3rd is ridiculous (and contradicted by earlier correspondence). So I’m glad to have that all in writing in case it ends up in small claims, which right now it looks like it will.


    If a company isn’t prepared to answer an email they shouldn’t publish an email address.


    In the last week, had a phonecall fro PX about my new bike. The bike builder found a small chip in the frame – called me to offer me replacement or discount – replacement bike landed 3 days later.

    2 days ago, email ref bib shorts I’d ordered – out of stock, offered me different ones. I asked if they would honour the (very low) price of my original ones, and they said yes!!

    Now, I have had a few quality issues with some of their stuff :

    -Titus FtMc – shock rubbing on shock mount.
    – C456 – obstruction in seat tube.

    But for me at least, the service has always been 1st class!


    I have to say that I was well surprised when, having order 2 sizes of the same glove a couple of days apart, their returns guy emailed me asking if I’d like an exchange or a refund on the first pair! I’d not even filled in their returns form. Chapeau!

    It’s miles away from days when Brant sat in a shed and never answered the ‘phone or email.

    456 arrived last year with wrong bars attached, phone call and a pic emailed to make sure I wasnt “at it” ,called me back within 5 mins , apoligised and sent proper bars same day which arrived next morning, plus told to keep wrong bars :mrgreen: mistakes happen so im happy with that service.

    Phew. Thought I’d opened a can of worms, had only intended to give them a pat on the back for what I thought was a pretty good experience. It was looking like I’d had the opposite effect for a bit there.


    I’ve had loads of stuff off them and despite what people say about Brant and the others they have always been spot on with me. A few errors that were rectified quickly. TBH I don’t object to mistakes or eff ups, its the way that they are dealt with that shows how good a company is, and they have always dealt with their mistakes very well in my experience.

    Much harder to ignore someone on the phone there and then. Just don’t accept the above!

    How do you deal with the “they’re not in the office at the moment/in a meeting/on holiday, I’ll leave a message for them to call you back” scenario?
    Hang on for a week?

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    davidtaylforth – Member

    In my limited experience they’re really good.

    This ^^^

    That said I always try to call rather than email 8)

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    I was such a frequent flyer with px/on one and must have spent a fortune with them over the years. Got a feeling it might have hit 5 figues 😳 A few little cock ups along the way but always dealt with well in their own unique way. Then they started the constant barrage of daily “offer” emails so I unsubscribed. Can’t remember the last time I went on their sites now. For me they just pushed the marketing too hard and lost me as a customer.

    Dave’s VAT bill special clearout emails or news every now again of a genuine bargin was fine, even welcome, but they just started taking the piss with both the frequency and the banality of what the emails were featuring.


    I’ve had a c456 frame off them and lots of components. All the components arrived on time and I’ve never had the need to deal with customer service for that.

    The frame arrived bent first time – Barry at PX/OO kept in touch on email amazingly and arranged a courier to pick up the new one and sent me a replacement out same day.

    The second frame has now been built up and the rear triangle is out of line. As I’ve spent money/time building it up, Barry has offered for me to send the complete bike down, they’ll swap the frame over and send me a complete bike back so I’m not inconvenienced or out of pocket for the build.

    I don’t think you can say fairer than that to be honest. Two dodgy frames maybe shouldn’t happen but I will definitely buy off them again just because of the amazing customer service – and all via email.

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    Yep all good here.
    Merino vests for the old man – happy xmas..

    lee bee

    I ordered a scandal 29er only to find the horizontal swapouts wouldn’t fit. I contacted One One few times but to no avail in the end I filled down the swapouts myself to fit the frame. I don’t think I would of had to do this with a trek cannondale etc…. Not very good in my opinion. Although I do like the bike I wouldn’t buy another.

    My missus had an issue with a Carbon Whippet frame that cost her 1st place in the nationals last year and she ended up finishing 4th.

    We drove up to On-One a few days later to have it out with them and not only did Dave come down and speak to us personally but he replaced the frame and sorted my missus out with a 2012 XT 2 x 10 groupset including brakes as a way of apologising and fitted it all for free!

    A cock up to start admittedly but like a lot of people are saying they seem happy to try to fix things when they do go wrong. Top Bloke.


    I’ll comment when my Smoothie 456 headset goes back when i get the courage to remove the lower race……

    Genreallevi, out of interest, how did the frame cost her the race? seems strange to go to On-One to “have it out” for a racing incident. Racing is racing…shit happens.

    Sounds like there must be more to the story.

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    Always had great service and never had any reason to complain about the quality of the stuff I’ve bought from On-One (clothing, 2 frames, 3 set of forks, 2 wheelsets, complete bike plus components).

    Something that happened to the BB shell that I would rather not start going into detail with on here. It cost her the race as the bike was unridable and it was its first outing since moving over from Giant.

    I would agree with you that a lot of things happen in racing that are attributed to racing, however this was not one of them.

    Dave saw the frame for himself and agreed also. I didn’t come on here to have a go at On-one, I came on here to defend their customer service to the hilt, in our case at least. Because of this we have been loyal since and only a few weeks ago picked up another frame which I am building up at the moment.

    General – Fair enough.

    Never had a problem with on-one myself. Infact, just received some xmas pressies from on-one that I bought myself 😀

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    I had an issue with my FTMc – phoned them about it to check that it was in fact an issue & not hamfistedness, got some suggestions on how to sort it but they didn’t work so stripped the bike down & sent the frame off. There was a bit of a delay due to workshop hols, but that coincided with a spell of atrocious weather (what, this year?) so I was fine on my winter hardtail for a bit. As soon as everyone was back it was sorted & I had my bike back PDQ with some spares thrown in. So I’m a happy customer.

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