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  • On-One Whippet – what do you recon?
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    I’m tempted to buy an On-One Whippet frame. Looks like good value for a light frame and just the kind of thing I will like. However, is the whole restriction on front mechs, chainsets & bb just too much of a hassle? I just ride bikes these days rather than know every groupset inside out and I’m not sure how much of a headache I will be giving myself.

    Anyone got an opinion?


    On my shortlist. Some issues on triple chainsets and clearance issues do a search. The other thongs you mention add to the cost to change my frame which is slightly off putting. I liked the paint job too though they only seem to come in black now

    It is a light frame but an overall average weight build in the £999 SLX form.
    If you ride it in the mud with the supplied SLX triple it grinds away at the BB shell.
    These problems notwithstanding it does ride very well.

    Premier Icon Wookster

    The one I saw in my lbs Was nice but you could pull the bb out by hand 😯

    Premier Icon cp

    Nice frame and kit deals at on one at the mo…

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