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  • earlanderson

    Sorry if this may have been covered before but I’m looking to change my kinesis maxlight 26″ for a 29er. My kinesis is 21″ but I’m 6ft 3 with 36″ inside leg so my seat is in the sky and my handlebars are not. So my questions are.
    A. Will I fit on a 21″ on one scandal 29er.
    B. Is it an OK frame for xc riding. The kinesis is a race frame and i found it a very good one too but to much bending down involved now my backs getting a bit older.
    C. Any other good frames that won’t break the bank that will come up big enough.
    Hope that’s not too many questions.


    Hi, i reckon it’ll be spot on for you. I have a 19 1/2″ one and its fine, i’m 6 1″ with 34 inside leg. I changed down from a 21″ inbred 29er as it was too big for me. Like you i prefer a more upright riding position and it feels just right to me for xc. I found the Scandal handles so much nicer too.


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    21″ will easily be big enough, 19.5″ might be more appropriate. I’m 6ft and have bought an 18″ (though not built/ridden yet). I have long legs and short torso and run an on one 400mm seatpost about 15mm off max extension on my current 26er Scandal.

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    PS. scandals (26ers anyway, I’m hoping the 29er will be the same) ride great!


    21″ Scandal sounds ideal, respectably short head tube so the front end isn’t miles up. 6’6″ here and recently bought a raw one in 21″, used to have one of the old style ones before this but it was getting a bit ragged 🙂


    19.5 Scandal 29er here, I have a 34 inch leg and it’s perfect.

    I love the geometry, I’m still running an original anodised one, its getting rough around the edges but still rides perfectly, I’m waiting for it to die so that I can get a raw new one, but it’s not happening!!

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    Saw my first one at the weekend, ridden by yokaiser of this parish. Have to say it is the best looking 29er I’ve seen, looks really well proportioned, not clownish at all. His was the raw version, tidy looking welds too.

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    Headset spacers will be your friend, other than that should be fine. 6’4 and on a 21″ inbread

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    On a 21 inch 2 year old scandal – im 6 ft 3 with a 32/33 inch inside leg.

    Fits fine – feels right. Tbh – havent ridden many other 29ers, however it does the job for me!

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    6’4″ with 35″ inside leg

    I have a 21″ Scandal and a 19.5″ Ti29er (similarish geometry apparently)

    The 21″ scandal arguable rides a little better as the larger frame dimensions tend to be slightly more forgiving IMO. But the nadger clearance on the Ti29er is to be recommended 🙂
    Although the Ti29er is now even better with the long Ti post in it.

    Scandal is a fantastic frame for the money and does not have the kind of mythical aluminium thrashy ride that some generalisations would have you believe. Compliant, wants to shoot forward, nice and light.


    Thanks guys.
    Think I’m getting won over. All good comments.
    Was looking at frames around £300 but as the Scandal is half price at the moment for green or £100 off for the others it seems a good deal.


    Not the same size but I went from a 16″ kinesis Maxlight to 16″ scandal 29er and found the fit fine. You’ll probably need a shorter stem like I did (20mm shorter). The saddle to bar height has changed a bit with saddle no longer as high above the bars. It’s a great bike to go for and I’ve not missed my kinesis since owning the on-one.


    I think the 29er Scandal frame has won over so many people!

    Absolutely love mine.

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    Was me that had the Scandal that NBITF saw, can’t help you with sizing I’m afraid but I’m more than happy with my first ride out the other day. Built up quite light without really trying, rode the 30 odd miles or so and didn’t have that beat up by alu feeling especially considering how out of shape I am just now, I haven’t really got my off road groove on just now either but the bike kept me right. So, comfy for an ally frame, light for the price and easy to ride and I’m really impressed by the welding/finishing. Cable routing is initially weird but does make sense when you look at it.


    Hi guys
    i am totally sold on the scandal now. just got to decide colour. I’m thinking black or silver, green doesn’t quite cut it for me.
    Looking at the new halo vapour wheelset. got halo freedoms on my 26 and they’re bomb proof ( for xc anyway). just forks to decide on the I can start shopping 🙂

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    oops – wrong thread!

    Me to,
    Been looking at the 21″ frame,
    What’s with the wired head tube though, do you have to use their mixer headset, or are others available.

    Premier Icon cp

    others are available

    I put a superstar T2 in mine

    Ok been doing a bit of homework, now understand the sizing, rang onone for dimension of the frame inner diameters, lol they don’t know.


    Another vote from me on how good these frames are.
    On sizing I’d look at the 19.5 as well. I’m 6’2” and a bit and went from a 21” inbred to a 19.5” scandal ( both 29er) and prefer the stand over of the smaller frame, I still only run a 70mm stem so there is plenty of scope for taller riders on the 19.5
    I’ve fitted the superstar headset also, and it seems a good deal when you look at price, weight and the it comes with two crown races and the bearings are available from superstar when they need changing – on one don’t sell replacement bearings….. see numerous other threads about that.

    Cheers guys, for the info.
    Frame ordered and a set of wheels in the making, decide on finishing kit colour when it arrives.

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    Never owned a Scandal, but had an Inbred for a while. Got talking to a chap on Cannock Chase once, with virtually the same build on his Scandal as my Inbred. The Scandal was noticibly lighter.

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    bearings are available from superstar when they need changing – on one don’t sell replacement bearings….. see numerous other threads about that.

    But the superstar bearings fit in the OnOne mixer headset 😉


    I had a 21 inch scandal, I’m 6ft3 35 inside leg. Fitted perfectly. Great for climbing on xc. Built it with xt, hope, superstar rims and Rebas and continental king 2.4 tyres and it came in around 27 or 28 pound. Being XL, you will struggle to get it much lighter without a big investment.

    I ran it with 100mm travel but it seemed fine with 120 as well.

    I highly recommend one especially as you are tall.

    I found a stubby on one stem and wife 760 bars with a small rise felt best.

    Good luck.


    Get silver and then do what I did and get the frame and forks painted 🙂


    xl scandal 29er here, 6 ft 4 & 34 inch inside leg. Love it, have a few bikes & this is the ones I ride most.

    Bought off here, thanks, top deal.

    Was going to get a Swift & swap parts over but not convinced I would be any better off.


    thanks for all your help guys.
    tried a whyte 829 29er today 20″ for rough size and I think I’ll definitely go for 21″. In the raw finish.

    Here’s mine, nearly there.

    Anybody run one with an exotic carbon fork? Is it a teeth rattler?


    Cant comment on exotic carbon but i used to run a Scandal with a Niner carbon fork, was brilliant fun with super sharp handling.

    I only really got rattled about over longer sections of bigger rocks and roots (7-8 inches plus in height) when the speed was slower and momentum harder to maintain.

    Running the rigid fork on a Solaris now and loving it. The faster you go the, smoother it gets…honest


    I ran a 26 scandal though winter with an exotic carbon fork, 2×9, stans ztr on hope2’s and other light weight bits, comes in at 21lbs. Its great round the single track and on climbs, but forget about rocky decents at speed unless you have a good dentist ( rattletastic . Good clearance though for UK mud pluggin….
    Going to buy a 29er with 100mm forks though for xc racing day rides etc

    I’m running an exotic carbon fork on mine at the moment. It beats me up a bit on rocks but most of my local riding is loam and roots for which it’s fine.

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