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  • On-One Orange colour matching touch up paint and stickers
  • Premier Icon markwsf
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    Does anyone know of a good match for the On-One burned orange as used on the Scandal? I’d like to pick up a close-ish touch up pen from Halfords.

    Similarly am considering being vain enough to order some stickers for the Pikes I bought from the recent PSA – either Slik or Invisiframe – if anyone knows “which” orange especially given the huge range of colour options from Slik match please shout !

    Premier Icon snotrag
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    @markwsf Slik did some for me that are spot on perfect – I just put the following in the notes:

    On-one Scandal orange, matte finish

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    Humbrol enamel paint is pretty good. Big range of colours. Not sure about the colour match though

    Premier Icon markwsf
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    Thanks @snotrag, I’ve just done exactly that.

    Quick bump for the evening crowd – does anyone know what colour matches OK for touch-up paint?
    I don’t trust myself to judge it in-store being a bit colourblind (enough to get it wrong, but not enough that it won’t annoy me when it is wrong…)

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