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  • On One Jobsworth tool kit – any good?
  • andyl

    looks very similar to the lidl one but just updated for modern bikes.

    I found the lidl one to be a good starter, tools work fine (just don’t be heavy handed/abuse them) but I have some park/shimano tools for things like HTII BB and CL rotors/cassette which are areas that having a very good quality tool make sense.

    Premier Icon paladin

    I got lidl one and it looks very similar to this. I had to buy the shimano bb tool and crank tool extra(I see the on-one set has these), but I managed to build a bike with that lot

    Big Dave

    I’ve got one and it does the job OK. I bought it to stick in the car when I’m going away on trips with my bike just in case I have any major mechanicals that need full size tools to work on.

    The tools aren’t the highest quality but they do whats required of them OK.

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    I need a few new tools and just saw this on the On One website:


    Anyone used one? I don’t need pro standard kit but seeing an Aldi/Lidl set recently put me off going to cheap!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    If I were starting from scratch I think I’d get…

    Lidl hex keys (£4 – and they are nice CR-V ones)
    Park T25 tool (under £10)
    HT2 tool with a closed end (if you have a HT2 BB that is)
    Lifu chain tool (£4ish)
    Superstar cassette lockring tools

    And then whatever other particular tools when required.


    good value as some places sell it for a lot more than £35

    i picked one up from decathon in their sale for £20 but managed to break the chain whip

    halfords do a similar one for £28 though

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    I just decided to buy a decent HT2 tool – when I had a good look I had pretty much everything else I needed

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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