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  • on one inbred 26er, any reason I shouldn't?
  • sellisnba

    Hi all
    I’m after a new frame to replace my kinesis. Apart from the obvious appalling customer service (which I have experienced in the past) is there any reason not to get an on one?
    Does anybody have one and what are your thoughts. I’m looking for a bike that is versatile most of my riding is around woodbury, haldon and dartmoor down in the south west. I’m leaning towards the on one because its cheap and I cant justify the cost of a cotic soul or similar.
    Any feedback is appreciated.


    I had one of the older pre CEN ones and it was a lovely ride, i only got rid of it to get a Scandal as the geometry was the same but it was lighter and On one were doing them cheap in a sale, then that went so i could get the 29er version. I thouroughly enjoyed all of them and would happily reccomend them.

    If you aren’t bothered about getting a new one they come up for as little as £50 in the classifieds and on e bay.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    What kinesis? They’re nothing like the Alu kinesis, much longer and heavier.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I’ve got one, build up with nice (ss) kit, and it’s ace.

    Do it.

    Premier Icon everyone

    I’m building one up as a rigid SS but I’ll be squeezing a set of 650b hoops in there. Had one of the original versions and it was a proper hoot to ride.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    No, bang for buck nothing beats them.
    29er version is betterer, but 120mm fork on the 26″ wheel version worked a treat, as did a 470mm 29er rigid.


    Thanks for all the replies, I’m replacing a kinesis maxlight xcpro3. The kinesis is not really to my taste but it’s got a good set of components on it that I can move onto the on one.
    I will be running 26″ wheels with a bolt thru 120mm fork. It seems like a good frame I guess time will tell. Shame about the very limited choice of colours.

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    My two main riding buddies have Inbreds and rate them. Both would have something else if they had the cash but are perfectly happy with what they’ve got. Head tube is oddly short on the XL 29er though.

    The Inbred is a budget means of keeping the front wheel at the front and the back wheel at the back, with a bias towards north of England trail riding ie long unhurried ups followed by long fast downs. The Kinesis is primarily a race bike, built for high speed flick-flacking along woodland singletrack and stomping the climbs as fast as possible.

    I owned an Inbred a few years ago and

    Both would have something else if they had the cash but are perfectly happy with what they’ve got

    sums it up very well.

    plus one

    Heavy !!!! Long !!!!!! *

    *all good if you don’t mind


    just dig up an old titanium version of the inbred frame… stacks lighter and super lively.

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    If you were going to SS, Inbred seems a good option though I’d consider 29er for SS (and I’m no fan of 29er, just from what I’ve seen of SS the big wheels do seem to make SS more sensible). If you were thinking of SS that is.

    As for On One. Not really had much issue with them. I order, they send, pretty much don’t generally have to deal with customer service. Except they did send me the wrong frame once. Contacted them, they sent a new one out next day which was great, but I had to chase them to get them to collect the wrong frame. I could have just kept it in hindsight 😀


    I’m on the look out for a kind of ‘do it all’ bike. Would an inbred cope well with a baby carrier on a pannier rack when it’s ‘off duty’? And anyone got one (18″) they’d like to sell on?!

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Also look at a Scandal especially if you can get one with horizontal dropouts. I have one as my Singlespeed and love it. Flies uphill and really comfortable for something so fast.


    I’m selling this one: 18 in, very dark green (almost black at a glance)…. Used for commuting so a few scratches but generally in good condition. Kona forks, headset and seat clamp if required… Make me an offer:

    Inbred by Old_family_pics, on Flickr

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    They are brilliant value, but heavy and lumpy- if you’re expecting some sort of “steel feel” the steel On Ones (and most other heavier steel frames) don’t really do it.

    +1 for Stevenmenmuir though, the Scandal does the same job, much better. I’ve not ridden the recent ones, but mine was an old model scandium one and honestly, it rode a lot like people think a steel frame should ride- much more give and spring in it, lovely. Miss mine.


    Another vote for the mighty inbred. They don’t give the best ride in the world but you can make it your own and just enjoy. Definitely consider 2nd hand. There are plenty out there at good price. I got a near perfect 26er ss with hope headset included for £80 and loved it – unfortunately so did a local bike thief!

    I bought one for Woodbury, Dartmoor and occasional Haldon trips and it was great. The mud clearance was great in the gloopy crap you get on the common, the stretched-ish position was perfect for slogging up those seemingly endless slogs into a headwind on the moors and the steel was nice and forgiving on the faster runs on Haldon. I’m 5′ 7.5″ and the 16″ was perfect.

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