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  • dvatcmark

    Had anybody tried one of these helmets out yet ? If so, what do you think to it.

    I’ve seen them mentioned on a few threads but haven’t seen any feedback from an owner.

    I’m in the market for a new helmet and with the 15% off offer today I’m tempted to try one out.


    Afternoon bump anybody?

    Premier Icon lunge

    Not used one but did try one on when I visited PX recently. It’s, well, a helmet. Reasonably light, fitted my head and looked ok. The straps are quite thin and the adjustment looks a bit basic but does appear to work from what I could work out. Hope that helps.


    I tried the cheaper 19.99 one on in the showroom yesterday. I was impressed. They look good and are fairly light for the money.

    The only downside I thought was the mechanism at the back seemed to be very noticeable and i could feel it. I think that might be an issue on long rides. Then again, you might get used to it.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    Need a new helmet and they’ve got the Enduro down to £24.99 , anyone got one – whats the comfort like ?

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    A bump for the evening shift .


    I like mine, comfy and the adjuster works well imo.


    I’ve got one. decent helmet, light enough, comfortable, good fit for me (and I’ve got a weird shaped head). Only negative for me is that the forehead pad split fairly quickly and there doesn’t seem to be a replacement available

    Premier Icon mrbotticelli

    I purchased one shortly after they came out, previously I had been through a couple of Giro Hex’s.

    It’s an alright helmet, fitted well enough although depends on your head shape. The straps and adjustment were fine, and mounting a light was easy due to the vent layout.

    Ventilation was really good, the only helmet I’ve ever used that caused me to get head freeze on cold rides!

    One thing that let it down was the quality of the pads, they had quite sharp edges where they were sealed which rubbed my forehead when I didn’t wear a buff.

    I don’t have it any longer as I tested it’s effectiveness by not ducking under a low hanging branch on a night ride. This resulted in me seeing stars before it was completely dark, some scars on my arms from the subsequent semi conscious stubble into the undergrowth, and a rather impressive crack in the helmet.

    I was going to replce it with another, but went with a 661 Recon that On-One had on offer for the same price (£39.99) at the time. Whilst the 661 is a better finished helmet the pads are awful and if I was deciding again I’d go for the On-One…at £24.99 I’m seriously tempted anyway.

    Hope that helps!

    Any questions ask away.

    Edit: This helmet also looks like a copy of an O’Neal Orbiter helmet, so the pads for those might be a replacement option, like these http://www.bike24.com/p261503.html

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Well I came in here to say I had the £20 on one helmet and it was comfy and saved my head in a crash a few weeks back. However, the EXTEN code the Urge one looks sound for £36

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