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  • On-One: Does anybody know whats going on yet?
  • hora
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    bearded slaphead

    Thats abit unfair.

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    Brant at CRC? Cringeworthy thoughts.

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    jeez there’s some spiteful arseholes in this community.

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    It’s not that difficult, really. You might need some experience in using materials, but the most important thing is to find a Taiwanese factory who make tons of stuff for other people, who will do the hard work for you. Maybe get a British frame builder to knock up some prototypes first, give them to a couple of your mates who work for mountain bike magazines, get loads of free publicity, and- bingo!

    Well you could do it like that I guess. But, well, anyhow. Never been the way I have.

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    Given how synonymous on-one and Brant are, surely the better option would have been to sell the former to CRC with the latter staying on as product developnment manager/mouthpiece?

    As someone said, no one wants a CRC branded bike, and on-one without Brant is just another bike company?

    Makes fek all difference to me anyway, I’ve got a DMR and a Sanderson.

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    no one wants a CRC branded bike

    I wouldn’t say it like that, but that isn’t what’s happening anyhow.

    FWIW, for once, Hora’s the closest, but is still missing a big (and really ace) part of the jigsaw.

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    Someone just told me it’s wiggle.

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    FWIW, for once, Hora’s the closest, but is still missing a big (and really ace) part of the jigsaw.

    You get a pay rise?

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    brant. I’ve figured it. It makes alot of sense.

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    Good luck with your move Brant. I’ll bet that involved some sleepless nights!! Well done for all the work you did with On One, I hope your time with CRC is as fruitful. Looking forward to seeing what working with the largest distributor can do for stock, delivery times, and scope for design.

    Nice One.

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    “I wouldn’t say it like that” – you wouldn’t you work for then :p

    well if your not designing bikes, what is your new job then?

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    Well you could do it like that I guess. But, well, anyhow. Never been the way I have.

    You bollocks!

    So, Brants moving from one company that imports stuff, to another…. 😉

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    lynkskey branded steel bikes?

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    your creating an uber niche brand of imported tiwanese/chinese/vietnamese stuff plucked from a catalogue, a bit like bikehut or superstar, but without friut or halfords?

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    brant-x bikes?

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    Good luck Brant. IMHO CRC need a good kick up the arse to get them back on top of their game. I hope you can instill some of the dynamism you’ve built around the On One brand into their operation.

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    HTTP404 – LOL 🙂

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    I reckon hes relocating his shed as its warmer climes’ in N.I? 🙄

    Funny how I_ache originally posted ‘and no idle claims’….some 250-odd later!

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    Story has just vanished off bike radar?

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    dunno, but CRC isn’t working, have we crashed it?

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    Hmmm.. Nuke Proof branded bikes.. now that would be cool. Am I right in thinking CRC own the brand name? 😐

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    Specially for Brant in his new Ulster-based role


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    CRC – world’s largest online bike store, going to selling back into the USA?
    Brant – trawling the states getting business and schmoozing US press.

    Free Member

    brant are you relocating as well?
    and will you lose your staff discount entitlement?

    Free Member

    brant are you relocating as well?

    he cant, the shed is bolted to the floor.

    Free Member

    The news has vanished from the On One site too. In fact I can’t see Brant’s name mentioned anywhere.

    Me thinks there might be something afoot!!!!!!!!!

    Free Member

    Sounds like there could be a Brant Full Susser on the way via CRC.

    Free Member

    Hes kept the shed for many years, its almost like Dr Who’s Tardis you see. Have shed, will travel.

    Free Member

    Oh my God! Brant’s on crack??!! I just heard. It explains a lot, mind.

    Free Member

    Is it like the Arshavin deal- one minute it’s on, the next, it’s off?

    I though Brant was going to sign for Man Shitty, anyway? With Robinho going the other way, to start a new career in bike marketing.

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    In marketing terms its all about as annoying as getting a DVD box set of the complete Iceland adverts with a bonus DVD of the Direct Line commercials.

    Free Member

    hora I thought it was almost inviting daft ideas by putting that. Nobody ended up guessing correct tho.

    Free Member

    i mut say i wont miss the abuse he gives out to stw’ers if they voice an opinion about his bikes. Also he’ll have more time in his new role as he wont be trawling the posts on here for ‘on-one’ as a keyword!

    who knows i may even consider buying from on-one again now he’s gone.

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    Richards is to create a bike and accessories brand for mail-order retailer Chain Reaction Cycles.

    Richards said:

    “I’m spending the next couple of months either in my shed, or in Taiwan, working hard to get a lovely range of frames and components, for launch under a new brand name in early May. What I’m trying to achieve is that fast route to market, volume purchasing, great margins, all in key areas that the big brands aren’t hitting.

    “And if that fails, I’ve got a backup plan of going to sell odd hats and beef jerky.”

    Full Member

    where’ve i seen this buiness model before…………………

    has inovation realy died a death? will anyone be setting up a company making new stuff rather than hopping over to tiwan to pick bits out of a catalogue and proclaiming that their margins are smaller than the competitions?

    TBH its getting a bit reppettative, especialy now that magazines are ful of ads from every man and his dog selling the same pedals/grips/bars/seatpost/etc

    Free Member

    I was hoping I would get the 300 but seems the thread has died. 🙁

    Free Member

    will anyone be setting up a company making new stuff rather than hopping over to tiwan to pick bits out of a catalogue and proclaiming that their margins are smaller than the competitions?

    The On-One stuff wasn’t just catalogue parts though, was it. Unless someone else was having weird handlebars made first and I missed it.

    Full Member

    ok, i’ll give them the bars, although they didnt invent them, just look at an old shopper bike.

    but hubs/cranks/grips etc etc …………………

    I’m not denying they’r reasnoble quality and reasnoble prices,
    but theyr still the same DMR/Nukeproof/etc.

    Things i’d like to see…….
    budget SS casette hub with good quality servicable internals
    female axel hubs, not realy neccecary on most bikes, but they look super cool on BMX’s, so why not?

    The only new things i can think of from recent years are lock on grips and the new style of taco chain devices. Surely as an industry there must be more new stuff to invent?

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    The way I read it and from what Brant has said himself recently on here is that Brant still has an interest in on one ie he owns shares but he has given up his job there. If this is correct it is in Brants interest that on one continues to make money. If it is not correct then why would Brant want to see the company he built fail because of his rival frames and parts. I think Shedfire will produce slightly more expensive parts than on one and be a bit more mainstream with maybe higher quality attention to detail.

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