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    Considering getting a 50a coumpound Chunky Monkey as a rear tyre for my AM bike.

    Could anyone comment on how they roll compared to a Minion or HR2 in 60a?

    rob jackson

    i have one one each end – love them!


    I’ve gone for the popular combo of Chunky Monkey front/Smorgasbord rear on my Heckler, and its good! They went up tubeless very easily, and held pressure 1st time.

    I used them on my “Alps Prep” course in Hebden Bridge last week, and the tyres were nice and grippy, and quite happy on big rocky hits. For the money, I am very impressed so far.

    I’ve been running one of the front for the last month, got about 4 rides on them. I normally run rubber queens or barons.
    So far I’ve been very impressed.
    Rolls quicker than the baron, but not quite as good in the slop
    Grippier than the 2.4. Rubber queen in the wet but not quite as good in the dry.

    So somewhere between the RQ 2.4 and the baron! Bloody good then.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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