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  • On One carbon fork wonky crown race 'platform'
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    Looking at the base / platform on which the crown race would sit on my spanking new Crimbo pressie (some carbon tapered 29er forks) 🙂 , it’s pretty uneven 🙁

    Will the crown race flatten these imperfections out? Will I die? Will it just kill the bearings really fast?

    Appreciate it if anyone can advise / may have come across this themselves. Ta.

    May try to post a pic tomorrow if I can.


    Yeah mines not great either, doesn’t look like race is totally on either. It may move in which case you headset will slacken a bit but it not dangerous just your forks may dive a bit under braking. Easy to tighten up again. Main issue is it will cause problems with the bearing in the long term.

    Question aside, are you QR fully screwed in? Forks are quite thick at the bottom and I’m worried not enough thread is screwed in for it to be safe.

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    What do on one say?


    I know the received oping on here is that such things are a waste of time, but forks should really have the crown race cut with a special cutting tool to make them flat before fitting.

    It’s something any good LBS can do.

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    Not sure I’d be happy cutting carbon fork like that, mine seemed bit uneven hut been fine since fitting.



    *rubs magic lamp 3 times*

    Brant, Brant, Brant…….

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    Thanks for the responses. Will be checking the QR out at some point today too.

    @akira, that’s pretty much what I was thinking but good to know that so far they’ve fine.

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