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  • mrphil

    Stolen from the Royal Oak carpark Bromborough last night. Locked in back of van

    On One 456 C
    Green and black
    Hope finishing kit
    Hope V2 (black and green) with 203 & 180 floating rotors
    Silver Nukeproof rear rim black Pro 2 evo hub
    Black Mavic 317 front rim and Gold Pro 2 evo hub
    Sram X0 rear mech (gold)
    SLX cranks
    R/S Sektor RL front forks
    Swalbe Cityjet tyres
    Superstar bars
    Hope R4 front light
    Moon rear light

    Camelback Mule bag with tools.

    Any information please post.

    Pic of said bike (please note bash guard is now a 44t ring)

    Phil round there later will keep eyes peeled


    Cheers voodoo appreciate it


    Parts found on eBay, knocked on sellers door arranged payment for next day.

    Phoned police and waited, the lad walks out and the police get him.

    He had my brakes in a hope box and £200 of weed on him.

    gingersully was his ebay name.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Good to hear that you got the bastard! 😀

    Premier Icon PaulMc

    Well done.

    Which area phil?


    Result… plus you know where he lives.


    Birkenhead, hopefully I might get some more parts back.


    Looks like you can still bid on them….and looking at his previous sales he is not new to this. Bring back the birch!

    Needs sorting …….goes to fashion some throwing stars out of circa 1997 hg50 cassettes …..wont be long love!


    What a scumbag!

    Hope you get your bike back (even if it does need putting back together).

    Have the police said anything about you getting it back?


    Contact ebay. Ask for his account to be permanently closed. Strange how thieves can look kosher on ebay. This way he’ll have to rebuild his ebay rep/take him out of the easy trusting ebay selling loop for a while

    It’s quite worrying that the guy actually semi sounds like he knows what he’s on about with the listing, he’s also managed find a genuine hope box too, nit that that’s hard really but he’s gone out of his way to source one to make it look genuine or he’s actually a rider himself and bought hope stuff in the past

    That said reading some older feedback he’s bought stuff from absolute cycles a few times, so is the thief a genuine rider, or just bought the parts unknowingly himself? Can’t really be that given the description states the best brakes I’ve ever owned

    Ive always thought is highly possible that some people who genuinely ride/into bikes in life/ even on here could well do it for a sideline to feed there own biking funding habits

    Quite scary though either way, it’s a good spot to get your stuff back but this just shows the thieves aren’t always little junkie scum who have no idea


    Had news from the police, the lad has been given a caution for handling stolen goods.

    I am gutted, the scum is the robber and “not his mate”.

    **** ****, no dought he will read this post as the scum reads forums.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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