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  • Olly

    All seems to be quiet around here RE the new on-one bootzipper, currently missing axels of an appropriate length.

    ive preordered one of these bargains, with the idea of building it up from my extensive bin of spares.

    Although, ive succombed to the boost, so instead of being able to use the wheels i have (rebuild 26″ wheels onto spare 29er rims i have lying around, which i estimate woudl cost £100 in parts resulting in a bodged/adapted wheelset) ive bought a new pair of wheels for it for £100
    Now i’m wondering, am i going to need to buy boost cranks too?

    For a bike that looks like it should be “old school”, it uses a lot of new standards?

    especially as there are two Genesis Longitudes on the classifieds this week (basically the same geometry, but with old standards). Doh.

    Anyone else got a Bootzipper on order?


    I ordered one on the same deal, beginning to wonder where it is although I got some weird order emails through recently.


    I never used boost cranks on either of my last boost spec bikes.

    EDIT** Think there were spacers behind cassette and DS crank.


    I’ve got a bolt thru from a scandal I’m not using. Pm me if you are interested and if its the same.

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    Was due in today, back when I pre-ordered mine.
    Looking forward to getting my mitts on it.

    I wonder if Brant Brant Brant has any news on whether they arrived on time?


    I was interested in the 650b version to do a parts bin build but can’t convert my front wheel to 12mm thru axle. Why they used a road standard I’ll never know?

    On one continue to try and launch each bike in the range with a sillier name than the last I see. 😂


    It’s here.
    After a fashion,it’s built.
    NOS superstar wheels, hayes9s that have spent the last 10yrs in a box, and a blend of 9speed Xt and Xtr with stainless cogs front and rear.
    Oh,and a free reverb!

    Only ridden across town so far, but it’s really very nice to ride, and I didn’t die riding by down a short stair step.

    Wondering if I’ll get an opportunity to ride it properly before back to work on the 2nd. How do I post photos here these days?


    I’ve been looking at the 29er version. It’ll be interesting to read what folk make of it.

    Me too, waiting for the XL frame to appear in stock but got a feeling it never will…

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