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  • Rscott

    Im going to go the other way I’ve had 3 On one frames, service has always been impeccable,answered emails quickley, never needed to phone them as a quick nip to the shop and a even quicker one now to there new shop seemed to sort anything.

    We do so well to not name and shame LBS that rip people off, but a company that deals with thousands of orders at great budget prices for the good quality stuff (the majority of the time) gets slated every chance they get.

    There kit is cheap, there mark up wont be any better than anyone else’s in fact probably slightly worse, they are going to have to save money somewhere,

    carbon frame, can’t see any other reason why it would go under the mech band, unless there was a huge burr on the clamp.


    There’s no doubt they make good frames. I’ve had a scandal 29er and loved it and I now have a fatty, that’s just awesome. Both purchases had their issues which were sorted. I just got the feeling that as soon as they have your money you’re done and dusted so you’re no longer important.

    The customer service thing is not the best and was quite frustrating on my last buy. I paid for a brake upgrade and when I picked it up it had not been upgraded. Cant fault them there they got it sorted withing an hour while I waited although my order form was a lot different to what they had on the system. The build team had changed it under the radar. I may have had a battle on my hands had I not taken my original order form with me. I also wonder where I would have stood it I had the bike posted to me.

    Given all that I would buy again, especially the JLD for my daughter if it happens.


    I’ve never had any problems with On-One’s customer service. That said, i’ve never really had any problems with their products, either…

    And another vote for the JLD; my boy is only 5, but i’m sure he’ll fit!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    And here I am toying with getting rid of my mtb for a Dirty Disco…


    I have been dealing with them (well planet x) lately as I had a problem with a wheel. Phoned a few times (got through 90% of the time) and had good email correspondence too.

    In the end the replaced my carbon wheel foc (can’t fault them).

    Also in the past had a whippet replaced under warranty for a crack. Always been good and would always recommend them.

    Could be better with phone answering, but they are not a call centre at the end of the day so not really a major issue for me. Also they seem to have a new email system in place which logs your email.


    I preface this with the following statement:

    I do not work for on one / planet X, but I am a huge fan.

    I placed several orders recently. All went fine. I placed one order yesterday lunchtime and it arrive at 10am this morning.


    Premier Icon euain

    It wouldn’t stop me buying stuff – as I said in my post, I got an email reply (two in fact) and they were very helpful. It wasn’t really that big a deal (fork ordered, and the wrong one delivered) – but I was surprised that the phone just rang through. I was expecting to spend about 30 seconds on the phone confirming what I should do.. but in the end it became a challenge to see if I could actually get through to them.

    I think they do some great products at a great price. Off the top of my head – the wife’s Inbred, my road wheels, my Chunky Monkeys, my mmmBop (OK, not quite on-one), some great and cheap merino tops. I’m sure there’s more.

    Some of the warm fuzzy feeling about dealing with them has worn off – but at the end of the day some of the deals are just too good to look past and it still feels a bit less faceless the the other large competition.

    JLD sounds like a great idea, if right into Islabike territory. I can think of a few potential customers.


    More love for an On-one JLD over here too 😀


    I will have a JLD can you makes sure the paint job is just as poor so it rubs off and easily scratches just like mine…. It can probably do without the chain suck issues 😉

    Not a Hater BTW I do own one but they are like Superstar products tbh but with better marketing/charm IMHO.
    Cheap for a reason though you can also get some stonking bargains from time to time
    Would also buy again and happy to support a UK firm

    I think they do a great job . . . . But I think I know why they dont answer the phones

    It does whiff a bit around their neck of the woods atm – I bet they are either masked up or holding their breath 🙂


    Never had a problem with On-One, ordered bits and pieces over the years and sent them numerous numpty emails asking about frame sizes, angles etc etc…they’ve always been patient and prompt with their replies.

    When i bought my 456-Evo i placed a credit card order at the weekend, they emailed me monday to say they’d recieved the order, then phoned me a few days later to say the bike was being built, then phoned me again when the bike was dispatched.

    Phone problmes continuing this week. I think customer service has gone on holiday. Other departments are wokring fine.

    Must be a cash flow issue, customer ssrive usually maans fixing something what has gone wrong, which usually means cash going out of the business.

    No problems in taking orders to get cash into the business.

    Is this company in difficulties?

    Premier Icon Woody


    Brilliant. You are wasted on here with such razor sharp business acumen………….. now where’s Alan Sugar 8)


    Our Dave is currently feverishly writing a reply right next to me. Post from company owner shortly.

    Sorry for all this nonsense on our side , you would think answering the phone was the easiest thing for us to do and its fair to say in the past month we lost the plot a bit .

    We had a very big increase in sales a month ago , and with that comes a lot of new staff , lower quality picks , and an ensuing torrent of returns / exchanges / refunds etc and generally we were not able to cope with the customer service side .

    Our current phone system simply will not take the volume of calls we have to deal with and a new phone system is going in as we speak (should have been this weekend but the installers “forgot a part) , coupled with this we were unprepared for the 50% increase with no enough staff . Plus we installed a CRM system that slows down the speed of handling calls but improves quality response .

    In short we got caught with our pants down .

    Hopefully new phone system goes in today , new big cheese customer service manager starts tomorrow , extra staff we hired in the past month now getting up to speed .

    We are trying to get there , we should have been better .

    Its been shit I am sorry ,

    We are still trying to do it on our own , we havent sold out yet , we are trying to build it our way , source , design , sell our own products , offer great value , good products , break the industry mould , with fantastic customer service from people who ride bikes and like our customers and our customers like us. Clearly thats not happening .

    Unfortunately building this business hasnt come with a manual , but we are trying to sort it and trust me it does have a big priority on our side .

    (ps – I did actually find out a month ago that one day our customer service staff “had turned the phones off because they were ringing too much” and that was indeed a low point of our incompetence
    Not to mention one of my long established staff – the “whats that flashy thing on my phone for” me isnt that the answerphone . )

    Premier Icon Leku

    Ok we’ll let it slide this time, but we want the JLD kids bikes.

    I’ve never personally had a single problem, quite the opposite actually. Takes balls and honesty to come on a forum and apologise frankly and admit the problems. Not many would do that. Makes me kind of love onone even more.

    Oh and another vote for the JLD here too, I’d buy 2 for my sons

    tops 5

    Dave – that response is much appreciated – will leave it a day or so before I call regarding my missing tyres 🙂


    Another potential JLD customer here. 😀

    Premier Icon ads678

    I’ve got to say that although I haven’t ever had to phone them, I’ve had nothing but great experiences from On One. I ordered some forks last Thursday at just after 1pm, they arrived at my house at about 12:15 the next day. That’s less than 24 hours 😯 😀 Thank you On one and DPD.

    Another potential JLD customer here.


    Could you do a JLU (Just Like Uncles)?


    and for the more mature rider, a JLGD perhaps?

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    I’ve just read this thread and all of the problems listed above I experienced a year ago when you couldn’t send me a Titus frame that wasn’t damaged before it left you (intact boxes- damaged frames)
    I also wrote to you and Brant directly and got no reply.
    I had my money back in the end but only after i had contacted my CC company.
    would i buy a cheap tyre or cassette from you? yes i’m no mug. But would i drop the best part of a grand with you again? No.


    +1 for Will’s great service. All done by email from the other side of the world. C’mon Dave, give him a raise 🙂

    Paul .
    Have to say if you wrote to me directly and got no reply then maybe I didnt receive the message from you , both Brant any myself have no memory and I do normally remember , and I personally do try to respond to all customers that contact me directly , whether good or bad , in fact it is something that I take quite seriously .
    I am perfectly happy to look into this to set the record straight if you want to resend that message, I would appreciate the opportunity to respond to you.

    You can pm me with details as to where you sent and when .


    This is all time that could be spent test riding the 456C Evo for general sale.


    What wheel size for a JLD?


    I was sort of thinking of making a 12in frame in a bit lighter tube gauges to get the weight out a bit, just for kids and calling it it a JLD (Just Like Dad’s).

    Another vote here, been looking for a new bike for my 10 year old and cannot find a reasonably priced 26er with a tiny frame designed for tiny hands and feet.

    Could be onto a winner Brant.


    What wheel size for a JLD?


    This is all time that could be spent test riding the 456C Evo for general sale.

    Signed off and heading towards production.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    “You can pm me with details as to where you sent and when .”
    thats a bit tricky as STW doesn’t have a PM function and you haven’t posted a email on your profile.

    However i wrote to about a year ago, so i won’t have a copy of it now. I did copy it to your general/customer service email. and when i phoned trying to get my money back i asked to speak to you, then left a message with my details for you to me.

    theres not much to put right anyway, i ordered a FTM carbon frame, paid for it,it arrived with a damaged headtube, some of the bits i ordered with it didn’t arrive. after a rather frustating period of chasing px agreed to have it back. Then i waited again for replacement and that arrived with damaged head tube* and damage to the drop outs.
    Repeat….. emails, …phone calls….. etc etc. Money back….. money back please…… CC company. You get the picture.

    * to be clear before the haters start,both head tubes were out of shape enough that the top headset bearings would not “drop in” the drop in race’s.

    thats my story.


    I’ve not had anything but bloody good service from PlanetX. I’ve bought a few things (frames: Inbred, Summer Season, Ti456 and a C456). Any query I had was swiftly answered (email* or phone).

    *Particularly wowed me as MOST online bikeshops neglect email contact (except for Merlin, CRC).

    I’ve had two refunds – One on a cracked Summer season (brant was allover this personally) and one on a new dropper post that I changed my mind on and sent back. Both very quick.

    On the phone issue mentioned by the OP- I’ve never had that. Must definitely be a systems blip.

    Can’t believe I’m praising Brant 😆

    I bought a ridiculously cheap Giro helmet from PX a while back. It developed a minor fault with the ratchet thingy – emailed PX, they asked for a pic, sent them the pic, and they said send the lid, we’ll replace. Was all done quickly, email responses within hours, all turned around in a few days.

    Don’t doubt they’ve had their issues, but plenty of people have had great service form them.

    I’m building up my 5th on one (lurcher) (half price)ive got a pompino(£100 off), macinato(frame & fork £130), ive just built an inbred for the girlfriend (clearance sale) ive had an inbred stolen, on the whole I’ve had good/fast service with one or two hicups but I’ve always had patchy service with every single bike shop I have ever shopped with thats why I always now build my own bikes and do all my own wrenching..I don’t think on one are any worse than all the rest with customer service but where they are head and shoulders above the rest is value for money and I for one am willing to put up with a bit of patchy customer service for the great money saving offers they provide..long may they prosper..
    keep up the good work planet x/on one

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