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  • growinglad

    Had a nasty off last week which resulted in most of my winter gear being cut off of me.

    Whilst I’m laying here feeling like I’ve been set apon by a group of skin heads with sledge hammers I thought I’d start to plan replacing my gear.

    So I need:

    Bib winter leggings ( perhaps 3/4’s)
    Long sleeve winter top
    Jacket ( had a Endura stealth before)

    So, will check out lbs when I’m mobile again, but they don’t stock a great deal of clothing.

    I’m loathed to use chain reaction. Last time I got my jacket (just at the start of winter 🙁 ) I contacted CR. now being outside EU the VAT should be knocked off and I pay local VAT. But CR knocked off the VAT then the price quoted in Swiss francs was as the same as having the VAT added. I pointed this out bug they tried to give me some BS so I won’t be putting any money their way unless they have some mega deals.

    So we have wiggle, who else is out there that can be recommended?

    I’m leaning towards Endura but if anyone can recommend another brand I’m all ears.

    Thanks GL


    Ground Effect winter stuff is superb

    Ground Effect

    Premier Icon househusband

    Another vote for Ground Effect – there’s also Krank Dirtwear in New Zealand, too. Quality better than GE from the tops I’ve had from both.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    These are great and very reasonably priced here…
    Altura biblongs

    Usual road sizing, so medium in normal clothes = buy large.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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