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  • grum

    The difference being that most people get a pension after a lifetime of contributions. Not a lifetime of scrounging. The old age pension is taxable. The 26K limit is tax free – equal to a salary of somewhere around 35K.

    Edit … Just off out now to star work at 6AM. 26K a year? Is that not around the average UK salary? For people that work for it. Maybe 20K after tax and NI?

    So are you suggesting that most people on benefits get them as part of a ‘lifetime of scrounging’? Do you have any evidence for this?

    You do know that the vast majority of benefits go to pensioners, those in work, and the disabled – don’t you?

    Some more facts for you here. But then you can prove anything with facts can’t you.




    I turned it off when that fat mess was having her nails done, it was that or a smashed telly…

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    compositepro – Member
    have you actually tried getting on benefits…..its nigh on impossible
    those people have mad skillz


    I was unemployed for 6months this year apart from my 70 quid a week (that required many a pointless trip to the dole office to ‘earn’) the best i got was a discounted bus pass

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    Had 6 months unemployed myself. It is an experience I really do not want to repeat. Similar benefits to kimbers but without the bus pass (bastard!)

    Anyone watching this and thinking that it is a life style to aspire to or be jealous of is an idiot. When making a programme of this nature they will naturally pick the “cream” of the crop to ensure “entertainment” although I’m not sure what sort of person finds it entertaining. As with most reality TV, it bears very little resemblance to real life.

    b r

    It’s on Channel 5, I don’t want to be associated with anyone that watches Channel 5 – please leave the Forum 🙂


    the title, coupled with the channel, suggest it a show designed to outrage.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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