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  • Mounty_73

    Does anyone know if this pack has a separate bladder compartment please?

    Or does the bladder just hang inside the pack from a loop etc?



    I’ve got got the 32l classic which has a pouch and can be used as a store for a bladder or a Duomat.
    Sorry that probably doesnt help much. 🙄


    It doesn’t have a sleeve in the same way that a camelbak does, but the hanging loop is behind the nylon sleeve (that has a velcro flap)that the duomat is in, so yes. Its short of a hose loop on the strap closer to the sack IMO but I’m sure you can improvise.

    If you get the UGR compression mesh outer pocket its a great sack for mountain days out, however the bottle pockets are designed for proprietary OMM bockets but bike ones will squeeze in. Also the buckle is at the other end of the strap, i.e. furthest away from the lid.


    What Pieface said.

    You could, at a push, put it into the sleeve where the mat is, but I’ve tried that with a 2l Camelbak bladder, and it’s a bit of a squeeze. Plus I use an underarm hose routing, and there’s no hole in the sleeve (unless I make one.)

    I’ve mostly used it with just the bladder hanging on the strap and the hose routed out one of the low holes on the side and up the arm strap. Been fine for a couple of ultra runs and doesn’t move about once the bag has been cinched down using the compression straps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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