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  • OMG i just nearly drowned!
  • andyl

    haha and I thought my dog walk was amusing as we too decided to try a route on the Mendips we hadn’t used before and the mad started getting deeper and deeper until it reached the top of my wellies and I started comedy arm spinning trying not to faceplant or sit down in the mud. thought I was going to have to abandon my wellies.

    On the plus side the route would be a hell of a lot of fun coming down on a bike…but I think I will wait until it dries out and I have the full susser built.

    Premier Icon ceepers

    Well nearly. I’m so bored of it raining, just snuck off for a quick lunch hour loop and stupidly decided to try a different bridle way i scoped out on google earth.

    It was pretty wet, i’d cycled through a couple of puddles unscathed already so the next one should be fine shouldn’t it? I mean i’m expecting to get muddy right?

    well no, i pretty much sank over my knees. Thank god my phone was in a ziploc bag! What followed was more like extreme wading than a singletrack swooping. In the words of homer simpson “doh!”

    maybe one to save for a dry day then!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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