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  • Oldest kit you still use today?
  • Premier Icon midlifecrashes
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    Not counting knees, what outdated stuff do you still use on or around the bikes? Prompted by my son saying my workstand belonged in a museum yesterday.

    Wheel trueing stand

    Premier Icon zippykona
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    My Parrot bike shirt is 23 years old ,worn every day and still going strong.

    Premier Icon nixie
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    I have a similar looking wheel stand. Nice and sturdy.

    Premier Icon allanoleary
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    I’ve got some Asos bibshorts that I bought about 12 years ago. Still going strong now. Think my Fox gloves are about the same age

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
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    I’ve a set of gloves that have to be about 25 years old. Ripped to bits, but they ‘originally’ came with really thick soft gel on the palms, and i suffer a bit from numb hands after too long a ride. I still use them but i have to wear a pair of thin long fingered gloves underneath.
    They’ll fall apart if i ever wash them, so they havent been washed in at least ten years.

    Premier Icon razorrazoo
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    Flite saddle on my gravel bike dates back to 1996 ish.

    Premier Icon weeksy
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    Multitool, maybe 8 years old.

    Premier Icon Klunk
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    I’ve still got a chain tool I brought 46 years ago.

    Premier Icon davespike1981
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    Claud butler steel ‘gravel bike’ approx 1956, well i use it on gravel trails anyway

    Premier Icon trailwagger
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    Joe Blow track pump thats over 20 years old and still going strong

    Premier Icon franksinatra
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    Multitool, maybe 8 years old.

    That is basically brand new.

    Lava Dome – 28ish years old
    Buffalo Special 6 shirt – 27 years old
    Ron Hill Tracksters – at least 30 years old
    Edinburgh Bike Co-op Track Pump – 15 years old

    Premier Icon ac282
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    I’ve got an old triplet which looks like it must be from the 70s or 80s but my kids aren’t tall enough for it yet.

    My oldest kit in regular use is my cool tool from about 1995. Having a multitool with an adjustable spanner is still handy for my old tandem.

    The oldest part on my MTB is a Ti King cage from 2009.

    Premier Icon kayla1
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    OH’s dad gave us a mahoosive Blair 6″ vice, one of these-

    It was probably liberated from the pit BITD.

    I’ve still got a chain tool I brought 46 years ago.

    Where did you bring it from?

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    I bought a second hand pair of Endura ST shorts from here 11 years ago. The seam completely split shortly afterwards, they were sewn back together and still going strong. I know 11 years isn’t ancient, for a pair of shorts it’s pretty good!

    Premier Icon allanoleary
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    Forgot about my original Topeak Alien. That must be old enough to drink now

    Premier Icon hot_fiat
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    Silca track pump, only very recently retired due to its low capacity. Bought in 1992.

    Polaris windproof smock. Possibly dates from <1991. @lister and I did a bike tour around the lakes before either of us could drive & I had it then.

    Granddad’s Thor Ali/Nylon soft faced hammer – used for thwacking things into submission. It was well used when I found it in his shed & he died in 1980.

    Edit: Oh, and his AVO meter, which still gets used to check batteries. 1939.

    Premier Icon pitduck
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    97 Kona cinder-cone with 1999 z1s and 2000 Time Atac 2002 Shimano hydro brakes, 2005 Cotic-soul, with 2002 Fox vanillas. In fact, don’t think I’ve got anything under ten years old

    Premier Icon pipm1
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    A Shimano M765 front brake system, probably 15 to 20years old. On my brand new Cotic SolarisMax. 😀

    Premier Icon paule
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    I think the oldest thing in frequent use is a 1993, purple annodized, chain pup multi tool. Still going strong in the bar bag of my commuting bike although I have had to tack weld the allen key back together. Also got a Lowe Alpine bumbag from about the same year, purple and green for full ’90s cool points, which gets used for fell running and for carrying my big bike lock or climbing boots on the bike.

    Up until relatively recently, it was a 1989 left hand SIS thumb shifter but all my bikes other than the tandem are 1x now so it’s redundantly sitting the spares box along with various front mechs.

    I’ve also got my grandfather’s tool chest from when he was in the merchant navy in WW2, and a King Dick compact adjustable spanner which came with it but I think is a tad newer. Neither sees much use but aren’t going anywhere!

    Premier Icon prawny
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    I’ve got a duofold base layer that I bought in 1995 and still gets worn regularly.

    It’s by far the best piece of technical clothing I’ve ever had for use in British weather (mild and damp). I’d like another one but I’ve never seen them since.

    Premier Icon enigmas
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    On my bike, not much. After 3000 miles on my S-150 there’s nothing outside the suspension, dropper and one crank arm that’s from stock.

    Tool wise, I have a rachet wrench that my Dad ‘borrowed’ on his last day in the dockyard he worked at. Was made in 1962 and still works great.

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin
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    Carradice Camper Longflap saddlebag on my utility bike was bought in 1995 (26 years ago!).

    Unfortunately much of my clothing has shrunk since then.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Since i retired my 90s Carrera Krakatoa, it’s a camelbak from 2008. Or some altura shorts from about the same time but I have 3 pairs of those and I don’t know if any of them are the original pair.

    Premier Icon Murray
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    My dad’s metric spanners from the late 1970s or if we’re allowing less personal, my Record 23 vice

    Premier Icon reggiegasket
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    Pace jersey from 1994. Still going strong

    Felco cable cutters from the same year.

    Premier Icon zerocool
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    A pair of Burgtec MK1 Penthouse Flats that I got when they first came out. Recently retired them to the commuter this spring and fitted some Mk5s.

    Probably got some SPDs from around the Millenium that are still used now and again.

    And a set of original Molegrips from the 50s that were in my grandad’s workshop. They get used all the time

    Premier Icon chiefgrooveguru
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    “Forgot about my original Topeak Alien. That must be old enough to drink now”

    I’ve got one of those in my pack, bought it in 2001! Still my default multitool. Also a retired Buffalo S6 Shirt (stored in the car for emergencies) from 1994, and some Ron Hill Tracksters from about the same time (still used when it’s cold enough). I’ve got a saddlebag that’s a bit older but it doesn’t fit with the long dropper posts.

    Premier Icon swavis
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    Probably my Time Z Freeride pedals, they’ll outlast us all I tell ya!

    Premier Icon freeagent
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    Combi Spanners and Bondhus hex keys i bought in the late 80s.

    I’ve got a couple of record bench vices which are older than me (I’m 48)

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    15 years old Time ATAC XS Carbon pedals still going strong, the Shimano shoes bought at same time might be getting their last few weeks of use on the commutes.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    1994 Lowe Alpine bum bag/  fanny pack / enduro sling / paddle grab bag. In purple and green. 8)

    Like this bad boy, only a red/maroon kind of purple.

    Premier Icon ads678
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    I’ve got a pair of Endura shorts that I think I bought in about 2004 . Not sure which model but they’re brown camo and very thick material. Zip has been replaced but otherwise still in good condition.

    Premier Icon Atomizer
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    1998 WTB SST 98 saddle. Got two but both are going strong, though well scuffed. Best shape ever for me.

    Premier Icon tonyd
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    1993 Kona Cinder Cone which still gets used weekly at least (tyres, brakes and saddle aren’t original)
    15+ year old Time ATAC pedals which I’ll be using tonight (and a spare pair in the draw!)
    Built my road bike in 2008
    Couple of pairs of 12 year old Campag bib shorts that have been demoted to turbo duties
    20 year old Joe Blow track pump died last Thursday – replacement ordered yesterday
    15 year old Gore windproof jacket, still going strong

    Endless stuff in the garage that gets used less frequently. Basically, other than the new MTB (replaced a 10 year old one) and a few bits of clothing, everything I own is older than my kids.

    Premier Icon Kuco
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    Bike-wise probably a pair of what must be a 30-year-old pair of Shimano cable cutters.

    Premier Icon p7eaven
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    I have a Nike Makalu waistpack from mid-90s that was hardly used. Looks minty.

    And this thingummy that I use as a headset press, bought from an 80+ yr old cycle mechanic:

    And that bike, which I use as a road bike, fetching and carrying and touring implement (also bought from an 80+ yr old cycle mechanic, albeit a different one!)

    – Thingummy is indeterminate age (not yet carbon-dated) handbuilt in Worcester
    – Bike is circa 1989 handbuilt in Powys, collected from Surrey.

    (Please don’t give me any shit about lawn/garden or DIY, I get it)

    Premier Icon ransos
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    Deore DX spds, from I think 1992. They need a firm press to engage but do still work. I also have a Lusso fleece headband I won in a junior XC race, of about the same vintage.

    Premier Icon towzer
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    Just been for a bimble with the mrs, 2005 orange 5, 2007 Spec myka, still on onza pedals, inc on my ebike.

    Premier Icon roballison
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    Topeak joe blow from about 2005/6 and just semi retired my Sam Hill signature 510’s- the ones with croc skin detailing!

    Premier Icon Richie_B
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    Asos bibshorts that I bought about 12 years ago. Still going strong now

    I’ll raise you to 18 years, although they are still going is true used in my context strong has never come into it

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