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  • Shimano M520 brake calipers. Still going strong though I have changed the levers after smashing the originals.

    I’ve got a front hub from a 1994 Hope mechanical disc brake on my main mtb. It’s got a 2009 ish Mono Mini Pro on it though.


    An XTR rear mech from 2004
    Mine but not on my bike but on a friends bike, a Flite Ti saddle circa 1998

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    Raceface XYO post on my Orange 5 – has to be 15 years old! – still the best post I’ve ever had – easier to adjust than a Thomson and bomproof – if only I could find an XY in good nick!

    Premier Icon zbonty

    I thought all STWers had a new carbon 29er every six months 😉


    My main tarty bike is pretty much a fresh build , but single speed has my original rs7 an Royce bb
    Which must date from 98 ish

    If I can find a good way of getting internal bb in a pf30 shell I’d prob still use the spare rs7 I have


    91 flite saddle. tried many other saddles, but still prefer the original flite 🙂


    Cotic X has 1970’s Records Mechs and 8 speed so early 90’s? Ergos.
    so simple and faultless

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    A ti railed original selle italia flite vintage c. 1995.

    The frame on my singlespeed / lightweight xc bike (depending how currently built) is 1998 along with the xt and xtr shifters and xt front mech.

    I am older physically and maybe mentally than all of the bits.

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    Sorry the san marco rolls on the road bike is older. C. 1991 but was bured in a cupboard in my dads garage for 15 years so not sure it counts.


    My only bike Frame lefty elo fork wheels brakes hope m4s front and rear mecs and shifters even wheel bearings are all original from 2001 head set bearings replaced 9 weeks ago dont think ill ever get rid of it id post a pic but dont know how cannondale f1000 don’t think iv ever see another one

    Premier Icon benji

    Frame from 1996, and lots of bits on it from the last millennium. Still riding it, but feels very different to my singlespeed 29er, which is more of a sherman tank than a scalpel.


    All the bits on my bike must be at least 10 yrs old, orginal xt 4 pot brakes, un 72 bb, xt cranks mechs monkey lite bars all circa 2000


    1998 big un on my 456 , and m 960 XTR shifters


    Deore LX brakes, 2007 I think, but still bloody good brakes.


    Anodised purple bottle cage from when that sort of thing was cool…


    The 1992 frame 😀

    And the Chris King headset on the other one- it been through 3 bikes now

    My HT frame was built in 1990, fillet brazed Tange Prestige job.
    However….It’s a Triggers brush affair & I’m picking it up from the framebuilder on Monday in It’s Mk 8 guise. The only original tubes are the right side chain & seatstays.
    Satin black powdercoat with grey decals this time. Stealthy as owt!


    Just looked up ‘Cud Bung’. When were they around?!?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    On my carrera, the frame, forks and rear wheel are original, exage and weinmann and tange. But fresh paint as the old stuff was a bit tired after 20 years of abuse.

    On the new bikes… Heh, probably the gravity dropper or the monkeylites on the hardtail, but nothing on any of them is very old.


    Airlite front hub on my summer fixed wheel, radially laced to a Mavic GP4 and sporting a Tufo tub. Campag pista on the back. I have no idea of the age, but the hub could be 1970’s at least.


    ’98 Pine Mountain frame still has the ’98 LX V brake levers.
    Just replaced seatpost, stem and flat bars with Easton EA50/70 stuff.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Suntour XC Pro 8 speed thumbshifters and Shimano M900 12-32 8 speed cassette. State of the art in the early to mid 1990s. I’ve always run Suntour thumbshifters, this particular set was new or nearly so when I built my full suspension bike in late 2007. Its been my main bike ever since.

    I’ve never run 9 speed because it is just a fad that will soon pass! 😉

    Their days of being used regularly are numbered, however. I built a fatbike over the winter with a 2×10 drivetrain and it is fantastic. So, a new 2×10 was just ordered for the full suspension bike…

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I built my CX bike up from scratch, mostly with new parts, a few bits from elsewhere. The front mech on it is a Shimano 600 (so pre Ultegra) which came off my first road bike, that’s 18 years old. Still works perfectly.

    I had a Chris King headset that did duty on 2 MTBs before I sold it with the frame but that was 12 years old.


    Rather boringly my old dx spuds . Zero maintain and won’t die


    Ringle H2O bottle cage from late 90’s. Moves on with each bike. Fortunately black rather than some of the more choice anodized options!


    i have quite a few old bits still going strong…
    xtr 8sp front mech…bought in 2000
    x-lite bar plugs…bought in 2000
    deore square taper b/b and cranks….bought in 2000…b/b is still running perfectly….they have now been taken off the bike due to an upgrade to HT2…but will go back on when i find a suitable frame
    stx-rc front shifter….bought in 1998…still runs perfectly…will soon be getting replaced…but will be put aside for new project the same as the cranks
    rear atomlab trailpimp hub is from 2004 and is still working perfectly…
    atomlab dhr rims are from 2005ish…still run perfectly…

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Main bike, 1998 Flite saddle. SS, 2001 Middleburn cranks. Klein is old in itself at 1992 along with most of the components being early ’90s.
    My road bike is older still, its a 1977 Lejeune with nothing newer than 1979 on it (apart from the contact points and chain!)


    My Patriot LT is 1999 with a pair of 1998 Boxxers on, with Hope Bulbs laced with D321s from the same time. I have not changed the bearings since then, maybe I should. The boxxers have only been serviced once many years ago, but everything is still working fine. The hope M4s must be about 10 years old now, still running the same pads in them that came with the brakes, and they have never been bled. What colour will the fluid be, do you think in them.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Forks on my HT are 2004 “Vintage”

    The Boxxers on my DH bike are a similar age too.

    SS frame is from 1997 😯

    My DH bike has an original Bulb on the back with the 5 arm rotor adaptor, I’m sure I’ve got plenty of late 90’s early 00’s parts still in service.

    I’m nothing like as poor as I would have been if I bought Shiney new stuff all the time…

    I love the idea that stuff from ~2008 is “Old” to some people, that was only like last week…


    Ringle aluminium bottle cage from my dear departed 93 Manitou HT now on my ellsworth truth


    My whole road bike is from 1997. Chain, tyres and tubes are all thats been changed 😳

    Premier Icon jonathan

    Think the rear Hope TiGlide hub on one of the singlespeeds is probably the oldest bit in use – from 1995 I think, maybe 1996.

    Also using a set of road wheels from an old bike of my brother’s – a 1998 Caad 3 Cannondale. 105 and Open Pros, untouched since new, carried me over 250 miles at the weekend!


    Frame 1994
    Forks 1998
    Brake levers and v-brakes 1998
    Saddle 1999
    Rest is pretty much up to date stuff.


    Saddle, seatpost and, I think, an inner tube are the only parts from the original bike that that have not be replaced / upgraded – that makes them 7 years old’ish.


    Sram gripshifts. 1993 and still gripping and shifting.

    Premier Icon Atomizer

    WTB SST 98 saddle – bought new in 98, still being used as my main saddle, umpteen bikes and 15 years later

    Premier Icon Nobby

    King headset & M959 pedals both circa 2002 and both on their third bike.


    2001 XTR rear mech

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