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  • cheez0

    I have a set of Shimano M545 pedals on my Five that must be 15 years old.

    Never been serviced, just a squirt of lube every year and they spin freely. I don’t think they have must life left though as the left one make a creaking noise once in a while.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    my SRAM shifters and my saddle on my current bike both came with my 2007 Enduro.


    There’s a set of X lite barends which must be over ten years old, the frame is next at 8 years.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I have a SRAM shifter thats probably 5 or 6 years old, a Hope ProII from about 06 on one of them, 36’s of a similar vintage.


    Mavic 317 citron rim on a old school hope hub. Until recently shimano dx pedals circa 1998.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Rear hub, it’s a Hope XC from early ’05 vintage I think, bastard thing won’t die.


    Black Chris King headset. Bought in 1998 so 15 years old.


    Premier Icon Pickers

    My main MTB is now 17 yrs old, still has the original Control Tech seatpost and until very recently the UN72 BB that was fitted from new.


    I have a Pro II which would be 06 on a Mavic D521 which must date back to 2000. I have a frame from 2000 which still going strong.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Mine is pretty modern with a 2005 frame. I’ve just retired the 1997 frame from the wife’s but she does still have the rear mech from my first mountain bike which I bought in 1991. It’s still working fine


    Depends on the bike……16year old UN71 bottom bracket on one, 20yr old XT cranks on another.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Main bike, pimpy bike etc as I’m sure there’s loads of old bikes on your pub bikes…

    Magura Louise Fr from 2006 on my “Alp” bike. Still going strong, never let me down.

    Premier Icon schmiken

    Three sets of 2004 Hope Mono Minis. They still run fine, so why replace them?


    I have one shimano LX gear shifter from my first proper new mtb in 1999, only thing is I can’t remember which one it is! The other one was replaced in 2005 so is only 8 years old.

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    Main bike – Spesh FSR. Frame is from 2002.
    Hack bike – Trek 950. most of it is still 1995 vintage.


    Roval Traverse EL, bought way back when they were just out. Bought from freeborn on offer. Still true to .5mm.


    The frame, stem and shifters on my hardtail are from 2006.


    Orange E Six from 2001/2002 now passed on to the GF, still in full working order and used every day. Only changed the bars (to riser), grips, saddle and forks (to some exotic carbon numbers).

    All 2001 / 2002: Easton Ultralite alu frame, full xt, raceface turbine cranks, hope xc hubs, hope minis.

    It’ll probably die now.

    My one and only bike is a ’99 SC Heckler Superlight. Still looks new even now and has all the original parts other than stem, headset, and grips. Even had an original tube in the back until it punctured yesterday!

    A superb bike!


    Red Shimano DX spd pedals on my hardtail.
    Middleburn Square taper cranks on full sus.


    Main bike 2003 specialized sx supercross built with all new kit. Reverb sektors xx1 etc.
    Hack bike 2011 cotic bfe built with all old kit from 2005 enduro.

    2012 Trek Fuel EX9.7 with 1995 clear Onza Ules grips and a ‘dosage information’ sticker that must have come free with a really old copy of MBUK or some such rag waaaay back ‘in the day’ and has lovingly been transferred from bike to bike ever since…

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    The tubeless valves – must be from 2005 so 8 years old.

    Everything else was new about 4 months ago 😉

    Premier Icon nickc

    Tell a lie, the patriot chris king headset is one of the original release, think its from 2002

    1994 Synchros seat post (once repaired) on my winter bike.

    Hone cranks. Bought second hand off a mate in 2008. Bomb proof.

    Rock Combo off-road drop bars form 1989.


    Couple of bits (bars, seat post, front der) on my tourer are from when it was new in 1984.


    My frame and forks are both from 2005 ( SX Trail and Van 36 RC2’s). Rest of the stuff is quite new though.

    My BFe has original Hope Bulb hubs on D321’s which are heavy but still going strong. The Diabols stem and post on it are pretty old too.

    2005 ? Hope xc hubs / ?17 FiR, mavic made, I think, rims. Holding up remarkably well on my trail bike, although there are “roundness” issues and many dings in the rear one now, not helped one iota, by a recent Antur Stiniog play day. Hubs though and freehub have only been serviced once and run as smooth as ever, despite many, many miles in red sandstone gloop in the winter.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Opened this thread thinking “I should do quite well here”, then started reading some people’s posts, and then remembered since I got rid of all my old M952 XTR shifters and mechs to go 10spd, I’m not quite in the ball game any more!

    Had a set of original 4 pot XT brakes on main bike until a year or so ago too, they would have been 12 years old when I sold them!

    Oldest part on my main bike now, in constant use, would be the ODI lock on grip collars. Think I’ve had them since 2004. Do own a set of Easton Flat boy pedals that still get used from time to time that I bought 2nd hand back in 2003 and are still going very strong! Rear disc rotor on my hardtail must be quite old too, can’t remember buying any 160 6 bolt Shimano rotors any time in the last 7 or 8 years.


    The SS has a nice XT 4 pot brake which has been the most hassle free part of any bike I’ve ever owned. ’06 I think.

    The TT bike has a Campy Nouvo Record Crankset, which as far as I can tell is early 80s.


    My One9er has a 7mth old set of rims on it, some 355’s that I bought new that never built up until now..
    Does that count?

    I have a set of original silver 4-pad Hope M4s which I bought new in 2003 or 2004 so they’ve done close to 10 years of quite hard service – trail centres, trips to the alps and general local riding.

    Rear caliper finally sprung a leak recently, so £3.99 caliper seal kit for each end and an hour in front of the telly stripping, cleaning and rebuilding and they’re back to good as new 🙂


    Many old bits on other bikes. But on the main rider (ti456) I’m running HED carbon rims from the early 90s.


    SRAM Attack Trigger shifters, 9 years old this year. Feeling very protective over them now these days! Lots of sentimental value 🙂

    image by carlchaston, on Flickr

    Frame,forks and mechs from 2002


    Atomlab flats I got in 2004. Ran a 2003 XTR mech that broke in a crash fairly recently.


    Mine would be a crud bung. Remember those?

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