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  • Oldest bike component, 14 years is a good innings?
  • kimbers
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    I bought this to do the megavalanche in 2008?

    It’s lived on my hardtail for the last 5 years

    Today whilst riding along slowly on a flat section of trail with the kids it died

    Luckily I have an ibeam spare upper part with that I flirted with back in the day



    She lives to ride another day !

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    I’ve got a Hope headset from ’93 still going strong on my commuter.

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    I Beam is the work of a sadist, most uncomfortable saddle/seatpost arrangement I have ever had the misfortune of sitting on☹

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    My entire xc bike is 23 years old. I think the only parts under 20 are the grips and seat post

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    We two Chris King headsets from the 90s which are on their second bike.
    They are used regularly.

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    We’ve a single Hope Mini, circa 1996(?) that still works….

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    @kimbers you bat fastard!

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    Hope Enduro 4 from circa 2002, has sticky pistons but will be fixed.

    RS Revelation 426’s, 2006, in fine fettle.

    Sister in law is running about on 2002 Marz MCR’s.

    I don’t really wear stuff out as you can tell.

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    my hope minis have been going since 2001 so I guess there’s another 5 years in em!

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    I’ve got entire bikes from the last century still in perfect working order, and used regularly.

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    My son’s bike currently has my old 26″ wheels from 2008. They are old but they spent the last decade in my garage.

    The oldest part in continuos use it Ti king cage from 2009.

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    My commuter still has an LX rear mech, Exage canti brakes on the front, Zoom stem and whatever bars were originally there, all 1993 stuff. And the frame and forks are 1993 of course! Not a bad innings for a carbon frame?

    The USE seatpost was second hand in about 1996, so I don’t know how old it actually is!

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    I have a set of Onza HO canti brakes on my Kilauea still going strong, I think they’re from about ’93 or 94. They don’t get a huge amount of use now though.

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    23 years spesh ht.
    22 years spesh ht (disc brakes added, chris king headset)
    15 years spesh fsr
    7 year giant dirt-e (new forks, also 7 years old)

    Aldi/Lidl bike gear from when they first started selling bike stuff. The bike tops never wear out 🙂

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    Oldest part in use on my bikes would be some brake levers from 1998.

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    Had a 27 year old Cateye battery until a few weeks ago. Was still working!

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    I had a ’94 KHS Montana and it cracked right round the seattube last week, so not that 🙁

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    I’ve got a Hope headset from ’93 still going strong on my commuter.

    You sure? Hope didn’t do headsets until 2002.

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    Still got a specialised bottle cage from c1989.
    Unless i actually try to destroy it, I reckon it’ll outlast me.

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    There’s an original Bulb on the back of my youngest’s bike complete with 5 arm spider mounted rotor.

    I’ve also got my trust M636 pedals on the fixie.

    Both of those must be over 20 years by now…

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    That’s good life from an early dropper post.

    Actually fitted to a bike, Some Hope Bulb hubs with the spline to 5 bolt disk plus D521 rims. Oddly the rear bearings are original

    Did 65 miles on it the other Sunday. 1998ish I think???

    Also a variety of Hope brakes from C2 Sports to E4s, minis are the oldest currently in use.
    Hope stuff lasts forever.

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    @kimbers you bat fastard!

    My kids said something similar

    I Beam is the work of a sadist, most uncomfortable saddle/seatpost arrangement I have ever had the misfortune of sitting on☹

    Yeah I swapped back to the original, I have an sdg ibeam edge flex somewhere that’s not too bad though, the sdg all kevlar Bel air on there eats through shorts

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    2005 Spesh Stumpjumper FSR still on pretty much all original parts except the wheels and bars.
    Still gets used occasionally.
    Forks could do with a service judging by the amount of fluid around the seals!!

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    The frame of my HT was built/fillet brazed in 1990. It’s got original 1’st gen Hope M4’s on & Pace RC 40’s.

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    Hope Mini (front only) – check, from my M2 (c. 2001) (now on Kona SS).
    M959s, also from M2, c 1999 – still going, now on my Pegasus.
    Pair of Specialized BG SPDs from c. 2001 – really knackered but so comfy.

    Bike kit, clothing – some things just refuse to wear out.

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    2006 Time ATAC XS Carbon pedals now on the commuter, using dying Shimano shoes from same year with original brass(?) cleats.

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    My 2002/3 Cove Stiffee still has a few original parts inc the RS Psylo SL forks (which, astonishingly, still work!).

    I’ve got a first generation Specialized Langster which is still on original frame/forks, bars, stem and seatpost although all the other parts have been replaced many times over.

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    Hope Mono4 brakes, a couple of bikes worth, ?18yrs old?

    chris King front hub, Thomson stem, 15Yrs old

    and the thing I really do need to change… 15yr old WTB Rocket saddle

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    Oldest thing on my bike is 53 years old. Me!

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    Bought a Syncro’s seatpost to fit my new Sub5 around 2002, still running it on my main bike (2007 5) now.

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    Brooks b17 saddle from 2001.

    It’s got a slowly growing crack but is still in regular use and super comfy

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    My Carradice Longflap saddlebag was bought in 1996ish.

    Got used every day until Covid – now just several times a week.

    Brooks B17 saddle on my dog-running bike (a single-speed Inbred) is also 1996. That gets used daily.

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    Pub bike is a 93 Cinder Cone and gets used almost daily (not always to the pub!)

    Never snapped a seatpost so we’ll done OP – got your moneys worth!

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    At Uni – 1986-1989 I used my Dad’s old bike.

    He got it for passing his 11plus. Rode it to the station every day until the late 70s.

    His Uncle had bought it 2nd hand in 1933 from Tottenham market and gave it to my grandfather when he signed up for the army in WW2.

    Brakes were terrifyingly non-brakey.

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    I rode a 1971 track frame for around a year and my current frame is a 2007 model.

    Even my egg beater pedals are 8 years old (~24,000 miles) and they have a bit of a reputation for failure

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    Never snapped a seatpost so we’ll done OP – got your moneys worth!

    GravityDroppers are notorious for bending or breaking. Making one last for 14 years is a feat.

    I’m still running a Giant NRS that I bought in 2003 with some first generation Rockshox Revelations, probably from about 2006. It’s my spare bike now, but I ride it once a month or so. It did have some Octalink cranks, but I put some HT2 cranks on it a couple of years ago and I’m still running the Octalinks on my commuter bike with their original bottom bracket.

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    I’ll go and have a look in the garage later.
    I may have a spare GD upper shaft you can have for the postage if I can find it.

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    Got a set of the second version of the xt SPD pedals that were in regular use until 4 weeks ago – original everything apart from the grease which has been refilled twice. I think they were maybe from 94 or 95-ish.
    Also still wear a Pace ultrafleece jacket but the zips are all broken and the elasticated waist cord is no longer elasticated, but it still works, think that was bought in 91 or 92…

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    I couldn’t claim it’s in regular use, but I found my gran’s old bike the other year. Pumped up the tyres and rode it. The rod brakes are utterly horrific but I suspect the drive train is original. She used it in the war as an ARP, so 1930-something I guess! Does get the odd trip to the pub, albeit I can pretty much see the pub from my house. It’s got a hell of a gear ratio on it, suggesting my tiny gran had some legs in her time. It hasn’t been out this year, I might have to remedy that.

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    I’m commuting down the canal on my 90’s Diamond Back Ascent EX – still got the original LX brake levers, shifters, front mech, frame, seat post, stem. Canti’s and rear mech are XT from the same ere, so all over 30 years old. I’m using it 2-3 times a week.
    Both road bikes are over 30 years old too. Shimano Dura Ace on one and 600/Ultegra. The Dura Ace is all original from 1990.

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