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  • andyl

    How much is 1 horse and a horse box going to weigh and how much for 2 horses and a horse box (I would size for this as it will happen eventually!)?

    Most cars max out at 2 ot 2.1T. Some of the 3 litre engined 4wd estates will be rated for 2.5T and a lot of pickups and bigger 4x4s will be in the range of 2.5 to 3T, that should be plenty.  if you need 3.5T (eg a livestock or plant trailer) then options other than a land rover are limited to a handfull of other vehicles.

    If you get an Allroad, don’t get an auto as the gearboxes are weak (ask me how I know..) and you need a very lightweight trailer as the diesels only have a 2100kg braked towing weight.

    For £4-5k I’d be getting either a Freelander 2 (again, need a lightweight trailer) or my preference, a WK-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD. Merc engine, and the Americans like to fix everything themselves so the online resources are huge. 3500kg braked towing weight too, so it’ll tow anything. Used to have a previous generation WJ Grand and never should have sold it tbh.

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    FWIW, I had a 13 plate Freelander which did 135,000 without any faults.  I towed 1.5 tons regularly (I think they are rated to 2.5 tons?). 190 bhp auto.  Went well, comfy and quiet.  Liked a drink, though.

    Edit – and it was much better off road than my current Navara.


    My 17 year old Discovery clicked  over 205,000 miles.

    I paid under £2k for it a couple of years ago. It came with a new rear chassis and crossmember. I’ve self serviced it, nothing beyond a competent diyer. Injector seals and loom, fuel pressure regulator, fluids and filters.

    The acrive ride suspension pipes rusted through. I replaced the system with standard anti roll bars and removed the pump and replaced it with a standard pulley. I just left the redundant plumbing in place. The only other failure was a front prop shaft universal joint, I simply fitted a £70 complete used prop shaft.

    You can apparently get a replacement galvanised chassis for them for about £2k. That is their Achilles heel.  I’m thinking of doing a chassis swap when mine dies. I doubt you’d find a £5k Discovery these days, I’d only be spending that much on one with a galvanised replacement  chassis.

    I use mine almost exclusively for towing my log trailer and for jaunts to the quarry for pothole filling material. It’s a really competent vehicle for those sorts of chores with a little more comfort than a Defender


    FL2 is sadly still 2 ton, it was the OHs prefered next car to replace the FL1 and they are actually very good cars. The new Disco Sport tow capacity was upped slightly after launch to meet that of competitors in it’s market segment but it’s still only 2.2T. These cars are mainly aimed at people who tow caravans, boats and a single horse.

    The Ifor Williams site sums it up perfectly in images of tow cars:

    Small single = Freelander

    Double = Disco

    Expensive double for larger horses = Range Rover

    The disco can pull up to 3.5T but the Range Rover is much better at it as you get bigger engines.


    isn’t there a problem with total train weight on some discos going above 7.5 tonnes fully laden, meaning you need an hgv licence if you’re not careful with trailer plating?


    We have had 3 Freelanders.

    I earlier Freelander 1 and 2 Freelander 2’s

    Been great never had anything major go wrong, not the cheapest to run on fuel though

    Towing ability good, regularly tow horse box and towed car transporter with a car on it 200 miles a few months ago without any issues.

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    Shogun. Wouldn’t touch the green oval. We’ve had twice as many engines as vehicles in our family (freelancer and range rovers), vintage defenders aside.

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    Max weight of a trailer with over-run brakes is 3500kg, and a Discovery is around 3300kg MGW?  So you should not need a license over B+E.


    My mum has used Volvo estates for her horse for the last 15 years – first a V70 and now a V60 with D5 engines and 4wd, not that that’s totally necessary. Only one horse means she’s within the 1800kg limit on the V60 .

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