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    Does this help?


    I have the paper version of the book of lies. Cheers anyway though.

    Seems it’s a dealer only part. Bugger.


    have you (probably) tried ebay ‘zafira breaking’ should bring up a loads of parts.

    found loads of mad bits for my HRV

    I guess you are talking about the cable stops that hold the h/brake cable on the rear beam, there is a metal bush which is on the cable and this goes into the ‘cable stop’ on the beam. If this is the case they can be an absolute pig to get out as they get siezed solid!! The braket they go into on the beam isn’t made of the strongest material and can’t really be bashed too hard otherwise it’ll move or even worse break off.

    Get the plusgas/WD40 out, pair of mole grips and try to turn the metal bushing part of the cable, be careful and take your time, might take a while but the simplest solution I think, without getting a garage or other involved…




    Sunday, That’s exactly the bits I’m talking about. However, It appears that it’s £10.34 inc vat for one for each side and they’ll be here tomorrow – cant really complain about that to be honest.

    Now just need to get some fuel tank straps (rusted through pretty much, a rear flex brake pipe, bleed the brakes, fit a new sump (the sump plug is rounded and the oil must be like treacle by now) and we’re good to go again.


    Replacing the handbrake cable on my old Zafira (2003). Cannot for the life of me get the old cable out of the brackets that bolt onto the rear beam. Any ideas where I’ll be get a couple of new brackets, or indeed what they’re called?

    I’ve hit them very hard many times with the biggest hammer I have and still cant budge them.

    Ah they are ‘bolt on’ ones, can’t remember what Zafira ones are like but as you say just replace and remvoe any hassle, Worth £20.68 of anyones money!

    Be careful you don’t shear the mountings for the fuel tank straps, especially if they are also siezed, if they start to tighten (bind) up as you are undoing remember to tighten them back up again to clear the threads of moving corrosion and again get the penetrating spray out and lube them up well now before attempting to remove later…

    Rear flex pipe may also be fun if the solid brake pipe isn’t keen on coming out of the flexi??

    In regard to the sump, cant you weld something on the sump plug to remove and then replace with a new sump plug rather than replace the whole sump? Seems a little extreme, and probably costly for the sake of a rounded sump plug?

    Hope it all goes according to plan!

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